Kirkland Wednesday Market (KWM) seeks a Market Manager

19 Jan

Location: Kirkland, Washington

Deadline: Friday, January 30, 2010

We are currently seeking a Market Manager to run the 2010 Kirkland Wednesday Market. The market is open May 5th – Mid October 2010, and is estimated to be a time commitment of ~30 hours per week in season and ~10 per week off-season.

The KWM is a sub committee of the Kirkland Downtown Association (KDA), which is a 501 c3 non-profit. The Market manager is a contractor of the KDA and reports to the KWM volunteer board.

The key responsibilities of the KWM market manager are:

  1. Market Set up duties:
    1. Recruit new vendors; and manage existing vendors
    2. Secure necessary license and permits
    3. Make market booth assignments
    4. Review the budget and maintain records of all market expenses and income
    5. Make sure all vendor forms are completed properly and retained
    6. Managing special events at the market (eg chef demos, community booths, music etc)
    7. Set up appropriate signage for the market (1 day prior, and the day of the market.)
    8. Stay until the last vendor has left the market and ensure the location is clean before leaving.
  2. Communication and networking duties:
    1. Represent the market in meetings with community members and market associations (especially Washington State Farmers Market association and King County)
    2. Develop a positive relationship with vendors.
    3. Build positive customer relations
    4. Maintain communications with City and County officials and the health department.
    5. Follow instructions from and maintain communications with the KWM board and the KDA contacts.
    6. Work with the KWM board and vendors to develop the 2010 season plans and events.
  3. Promotion and Advertising duties:
    1. Create a calendar of events for the 2010 season
    2. Develop new promotional ideas
    3. Work with the KWM board to execute marketing plans
  4. Evaluation Duties:
    1. Conduct periodic surveys to assess customer opinions and satisfaction
    2. Invite, listen to and use input from vendors and others to improve the market.

Qualities required:

  • Good communication skills:
    • The manager will need to be in communication with many different types of people; farmers, customers, city officials, KWM board, various community groups. He/She must be able to relate well with others, feel comfortable addressing groups and excellent writing skills.
  • Leadership:
    • The manager must be able to make quick, sound decisions that are best for the market and ask for feedback and act on this to improve the market. Remain fair when managing conflict between vendors and/or customers.
  • Community Connections:
    • Be connected to the local community to know where and how to get support for the market.
  • Organizing skills:
    • The manager must keep many records, comply with regulations and keep track of people and finances.
  • Creativity:
    • The manager creates the atmosphere at the market, the market needs someone who can create an upbeat atmosphere and a welcoming community weekly event.
  • Commitment:
    • The manager must be committed to the market and believe in the value of local, fresh food and direct marketing. She/He must have the time to commit to the job.
  • Knowledge of Farmers market management:
    • Will need to quickly gain, an understanding of regulations pertaining to farmers market and how those regulations affect its operations and performance.

If you are interested in this position please email your resume and a cover letter summarizing why you would be the best candidate for this position, and listing two references to jobs (at)!

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