NYC: The Spotted Pig seeks a Forager

3 May

Full-time position sourcing seasonal ingredients for two restaurants in New York City.

Responsibilities are to:
•    Know the products available at the Union Square Greenmarket (season, source, price, quality, availability).
•    Meet with the Chef and cooks regularly to discuss the changes and availability of Greenmarket products.
•    Research the source and availability of any ingredient the kitchen expresses interest in.
•    Take orders every market morning, communicate what’s available/new that day, make purchases, and transport produce back to each restaurant.
•    Sort invoices and check for price changes for all food products coming into the restaurant.
•    Check the quality of all food delivered to the restaurant each morning.
•    Take a weekly inventory of all food products in the restaurant.
•    Buy and organize the repair of kitchen equipment.
•    Cost out recipes when necessary and keep track of weekly food cost.
•    Record the quantities of each food product coming into the restaurant each week.

A year-long commitment is preferred.

Please send resume and cover letter to

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