Missouri: Small Farm seeks Farm Manager/Laborer

2 Sep

We have an opening for a Farm Manager/Laborer on a small farm in Missouri. We have outgrown our ability to maintain a full time off farm job and the farm. We are a small Christian family that raises pastured poultry for eggs and meat as well as grassfed dairy for milk (and maybe cheese someday). We are not certified organic but we truly believe we are stewards of the land and need to leave it in better shape than we got it.

Candidate will be responsible for all parts of day to day operation (about 7 hrs/day now) as well as maintenance. Additional work necessary from time to time (farm work is not predictable). Days off negotiable–we feel vacations are essential.

Must be passionate about local, sustainable food.
Must be able to maintain the high standards that raw milk requires. Must love caring for animals (even in inclement weather).
Must have a good attitude and be a cheerful worker.
Must be willing to work with others regularly but be comfortable with working by self a lot.
Must not be doing this only for the money. Money pays the bills but the satisfaction of helping people is of paramount importance and will keep you going.
One month trial period for all parties but then must be willing to commit to three years.
Possible partnership opportunities in the future.

Could add in a vegetable CSA, rabbits, goats, sheep, fish or other enterprise to increase wages or if spouse needs work, too. We are very flexible.

If you are interested in this position:

*Email complete resume detailing experiences, skills, abilities that you (and spouse if applicable) have to offer: calm.n.confident@gmail.com
*Include contact info, references and what you are looking for in a job/lifestyle. Farming (especially dairy) is as much a lifestyle as a career.
*Please describe housing needs as well as what you expect/need for reimbursement/payment (i.e., cash, food products, housing, insurance, etc…)
*Identify any questions/comments/concerns you have at this point.

Upon receipt we will send website link, more information, and respond to your needs/comments for your consideration.

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