Kentucky: Foxhollow Farm seeks Lead Cattle Farmer

12 Nov


Foxhollow Farm is seeking a lead cattle farmer for our Grass-fed Beef operation. Foxhollow uses organic and bio-dynamic farming methods and is dedicated to sustainable and earth friendly practices. The mission of Foxhollow is to create a thriving bio-dynamic farm community. This position includes the management of the cow/calf operation (currently 220 total cattle) and the management of the pastures and hay production.

Benefits include housing on the farm.  There is also the possibility of working towards a profit sharing agreement for this position. For more information about Foxhollow Farm please visit our website at For inquiries please contact the landowners of  the farm; Janey Newton at or Maggie Keith at

Responsibilities include:

Managing the care of the cattle (rotational grazing, winter feeding, health care, genetics)
Pasture and forage management (hay production, building the fertility of the soil, moving towards a less haying approach)
Work with Bio-dynamic coordinator to incorporate the principles and methods into all aspects of the Grass-fed Beef operation.
Management of extra labor staff whose purpose is to support the operation.
Work in cooperation with the landowners re: annual budgets, updating business plan, and evaluation of our progress.
Work in cooperation with Marketing and Sales team.


Experience with grass-fed beef and rotational grazing methods
Experience with pasture management
Capacity to be a team player as well as the ability to manage a team of co-workers.
Experience or  interest in working with Bio-dynamic agricultural methods

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