Minnesota: McKinley Community CSA seeks Operational Director

7 Dec

The McKinley Community is proud to announce that we have posted a job opening for a newly created position McKinley Community CSA Operational Director.

The McKinley Community CSA (Commuity Supported Agriclture) had it’s inaugeral year this year and due to the success of the project and immense plans for growth the McKinley Community Board of Directors approved the hiring of a full-time Director who will steer this project forward to be the success that all parties involved know that it can (and will) be for many years to come.

McKinley Community CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Operational Director
Key Responsibilities:
·        Directly report to McKinley Executive Director and present written updates to the McKinley Community Board of Directors.
·        Develop viable short and long-term business plans for the CSA.
·        Develop and maintain a yearly planting schedule.
o      Keep accurate records of land use and crop yields.
o      Keep records of pest and weed occurrences.
o      Keep current on organic growing and small-scale agriculture practices
and regulations.
o      Keep informed regarding food safety and agriculture policies at the city, state, and federal levels.
·        Act as the liaison between the community and the CSA
o      Market the CSA through attendance at conferences/meetings, brochures, internet presence.
o      Recruit and train volunteers.
o      Foster a welcoming environment.
o      Increase membership.
o      Develop relationships with members and other partners.
·        Keep McKinley Community CSA members informed of farms progress throughout the growing season.
·        Stage educational events that support or enhance the mission of the McKinley Community CSA.
·        Do grant writing and develop complimentary revenue streams.
·        Assist ED & Bookkeeper with business records and accounts.
·        Manage and train other farm staff.
·        Other duties as required and needed.

·        Make McKinley CSA a successful and viable farm.
·        Increase memberships and participation.

Experience and qualifications:
·        Demonstrated knowledge of organic and small-scale agricultural practices.
·        Experience working in an organic or small scale agricultural enterprise.
·        Experience in a supervisory position.

·        College degree in an agricultural related field or other appropriate credentials (such as Master Gardener).
·        Experience directing an organic or small-scale agricultural enterprise.

This is a salaried position.
Approved by the McKinley Community Board of Directors 12/06/10.
Please send resumes to either our street address or via email.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

McKinley Community
Center for Families
3333 North 4th Street, Suite 1
Minneapolis, MN 55412

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