NYC: WhyHunger seeks Communications Director

14 Dec
WhyHunger’s Mission: WhyHunger is a leader in building the movement to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment.


The Communications Director is responsible for developing and implementing a communications strategy to
increase the visibility of WhyHunger, particularly as a trusted source for information and action on hunger and
poverty issues. The Communications Director will develop and maintain WhyHunger’s relationships with
national and regional reporters and broadcasters; increase placement in national, local and new media; and
coordinate the website content and strategy. The Communications Director reports directly to the Director of
Marketing and Fundraising. He/she will be responsible for consistent and cohesive messaging, and will oversee
the following with respect to WhyHunger’s activities: public relations, copywriting, graphic design, collateral
materials, website content, and brand identity.
WhyHunger brings a long history of partnerships with grassroots organizations and the media to the table and
expects that the candidate will do the same. The individual will strengthen existing relationships and build new
ones. We are seeking a creative, energetic, outgoing, and organized professional to foster interest in and deliver
support for WhyHunger in traditional and digital media. The individual will be responsible for the overall success
of WhyHunger’s communications efforts.

Communications Strategy
 Develop strategic plan for communications activities with attention to developing the
organization’s brand.
 Responsible for strategy for all communications vehicles (website, social media, pr, media, print).
 Integrate online and new media strategies into overall communications strategy.
 Work with our media, business, national and grassroots partners on overall strategy to publicize
important events, campaigns and legislative priorities.
 Generate new ideas.
 Engage program staff and collaborate on content generation for use online and with media.
 Partner with Marketing/Programs/Events/Artists to synergize brand awareness and messaging.
 Map out and coordinate regular updates to key allies, donors, and other constituencies.
 Create and maintain excellent systems for tracking and reporting media coverage.
 Remain abreast of professional standards, trends, and issue affecting communications and media
and demonstrate continued knowledge of the field.
Website and Social Media
 Manage the website: coordinate key staff involvement, develop and post content, serve as point
of contact for web developer.
 Grow online constituent community and promote visibility via web, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.
 Engage with and/or post information about WhyHunger in the social media space.
 Serve as an internal resource on development and enforcement of social media guidelines.
 Oversee creation of online public relations materials including banners and videos.
 Write and distribute listings to the media, fan clubs etc. as needed
 Establish and maintain positive relationships with key bloggers and influencers in social media.
 Produce and develop digital press materials such as videos and banners.

Support social media marketing initiatives with communications activities as appropriate.

External Communications

 Write and distribute press releases, calendar listings, and related material.
 Maintaining strong relationships with communications staff of allied organizations.
 Promote programmatic work, artist activities, and events to the press through press releases and
personal contact.
 Oversee creation of public relations materials
 Create information packets for press.
 Build a network of media professionals and journalists.
 Solicit radio and television talk shows for interviews.
 Coordinate all interviews with the press.
 Execute rapid response for breaking news stories.
 Develop, coordinate, and distribute op-ed pieces to targeted media outlets.
 Coordinate writing of letters to the editor in response to related issues.
 Develop concepts for targeted media campaign utilizing both free and paid media.
 Partner with program staff for report releases and other media events.
 Organizing compelling news conferences, media briefings, and teleconferences.
 Coordinate all Hungerthon Public Service Shows.
 Engage media in Hungerthon promotion online, on-air, and via social networking.
 Hone the message for Hungerthon radio campaign – create a uniform message with sound bites.
 Compile and distribute hunger and poverty facts to DJs for Hungerthon.
 Provide grassroots organizations with media consultation and support.
 Develop and distribute press releases for annual Harry Chapin Self Reliance Award Winners.
Internal Communications
 Systematize response to requests for information
 Systematize internal information sharing for purposes of shaping communications content.
 Assist with crafting and editing staff-generated content for newsletters, website and other
external communications outlets
 Work with staff to set communications goals, train in communications skills, and track and
report on success.
Public Information Materials
 Oversee editing and design review for online and offline public relations materials.
 Create press kits, including general, program-specific and event-specific.
 Prepare and organize all promotional materials including fact sheets, issue-specific informational
sheets, accomplishments, etc.
 Produce public education and campaign materials.
 Assist with development of annual report.

 Excellent communication skills – strong written and oral presentation skills.
 Capacity to edit others written materials with skill and an eye towards improving the staff’s
capacity to communicate effectively.
 Understand both non-profit and general media.
 Capacity to make decisions in a timely fashion about complex communications issues in the best
interest of the organization.
 Highly organized; excellent time management, planning, and prioritization skills.
 Strong interpersonal skills; thrives as a part of a team and as a leader.
 Capacity to lead meetings efficiently and effectively.
 Proactively create opportunities for promotional campaigns and events.
 Act with honor and character and is open, receptive, and flexible.

Display track record of success working with new and traditional media, experience producing
materials and content, strong commitment to progressive issues and grassroots movements.
 Work effective and collaboratively in support of building a team-based work culture.

 Minimum of 5 – 7 years of experience in a communications field
 Possession of an extensive and current network of media
 Excitement about substance of WhyHunger’s work
 Ability to attend evening events
 Ability to travel
 Professional experience in public relations/marketing
 Previous experience with website CMS
 Previous experience with basic layout, design and image work a plus, but not required
 Previous experience with new media and social media

 Communicate the story of hunger, poverty, hope, and solutions.
 Build a powerful presence online to fight hunger and poverty.
 Develop and implement social networking strategy.
Staffing: The Communications Director reports to WhyHunger’s Director of Fundraising & Marketing Noreen
Springstead, the individual will also work with the Executive Director, Program Director, Director of
Administration & Finance, and key members of the staff.
Please e-mail a resume and cover letter (with salary requirements) to:
In addition: To schedule an interview you MUST call 212-629-8850 Extension 49 to leave a message.

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