California: Riverhill Farm seeks six Interns

17 Dec
Riverhill Farm is located near Nevada City in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.  Nevada City is a progressive town with many grassroots efforts underway and a strong community movement supporting local food and agriculture.  Riverhill Farm consists of twenty acres, ten of which are cropped in a diverse mix of vegetables and annual fruits.  We are a community based farm, selling all of our produce within ten miles of the farm, primarily through our 180 share CSA, the Nevada City Farmers’ Market, the local food coop and to local restaurants featuring locally grown produce on their menus. 

      Each season, we accept six interns for a long-term commitment during the months of April through November.  We do not accept short-term stays.  Interns participate in all aspects of the farm from seeding to harvest.  Through the development of practical farming skills, special intern projects, directed readings, discussion and time set aside for more formal learning, we work to provide enough skills that an intern can gain full-time permanent work on a farm or, with enough preparation, start their own farm.  Periodically we host agricultural professionals, farmers and ranchers, naturalists and members of other farm-related organizations to complement the educational experience.  Interns also visit local and regional farms to learn about different production and marketing practices. 

      Interns work a 40-hour work week, Monday through Friday, with one week off for vacation during the farm season.  An intern applicant should be strongly motivated to learn farming skills, be fully committed to working the entire season, have some prior experience working on a farm and work well at all times with a diverse group of people.  A stipend is paid and intern housing is provided.  Seasonal produce is available from our fields for personal consumption.   

      In the evenings after work or on the weekends, interns enjoy spending the day at the nearby Yuba River or hiking in the high country to the east of Nevada City.  We are three hours from the San Francisco Bay Area by car. 

      For more information about our farm and our internship program, please see our website at  Contact information is provided on the website. Applicants should provide a letter of interest and a resume or other summary of work experience by email.  Your letter of interest should include the details of any prior farm work, a description of why you want to work on this farm and what you hope to gain from being an intern on this farm.  After we have reviewed your application, we will contact you by email and, if appropriate, follow up with a phone call.

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