Colorado: Harvest Mountain seeks Grower

17 Dec

Need two to three years experience as grower on two to three acres organic farm.
We began in late 2009 establishing a vision for urban farming in Jefferson County, which is in Metro Denver. In Feb 2010 started community garden and farm using land of a half acre. With no grant funds we had a dozen families gardening and planted 1000 sf of crops to sell in farmers market.  In Spring 2010 joined city efforts to change urban farming zoning in Wheat Ridge and Lakewood CO.  We now have five acres of land in land use agreements. The largest plot of four acres is in Brighton Co about 30 minutes from down town.  Have half-acre plots in Lakewood and Wheat Ridge.

Vision and Mission – “To meet the demands of local foods Harvest Mountain will help to reestablish the agricultural roots of Jefferson County and provide local foods. Harvest Mountain non-profit will launch four season growing centers. Premise is that the majority of people in our county no longer know how to farm or garden.   A farm garden is a term we coined to explain urban agriculture, which is intensive growing and four season. In Colorado we have 310 days of sunshine a year. Greenhouses and hoop houses will be part of each growing center.  We will also explore hydroponics and aqua ponics and utilizing sustainable energy and water practices. We will begin process of USDA organic certification in 2012.  Projects are in process for huge connections with schools. Plan on starting three community gardens next year on plots of land.  Work with Head Start of Jefferson County and a high school.
Markets will be farmers markets, restaurants, farm stand and wholesale clients. We will in a majority of times only plant what we have sold.  Vegetables, fruit, and herbs will be crop production plan for 2011.
We need a mature, strong and gentle spirited grower. Need knowledge of all aspects of organic farm operations including field preparation,  tractor cultivation, seeding, crop production, harvesting and storage. Prior farm experience is a must. Greenhouse experience along with field crop production would be what we really need.

Salary will be approximately $20 – 25,000.
This is a full time position  50 hrs a week beginning February 2011. Work hours are 7 am until 5 pm.  Compensation is commensurate with experience but will be in $15,000 to $20,000 range.    You will be a contractor to Harvest Mountain and not an employee. As we do not own the land we have no ability to provide housing.  Will have volunteers to help farm and part time help for harvesting etc.   Check out website – ABOUT section for info on Barbara Moore, Board of Directors and Advisors.  Send resume to .

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