Minnesota: The Birchwood Cafe seeks Operations Manager

22 Dec

The Birchwood Cafe is now hiring an Operations Manager.  Join the management team of one of Minneapolis’ leaders in the local food movement.  The Birchwood cafe has been a pivotal player in the local farm movement and is currently working with and supporting over 25 local farms and coops.  Known for its superior quality, creative menu and friendly, welcoming environment, the Birchwood cafe is continually growing.  As a matter of fact, sales have grown 85% in the past 5 years.  The Operations Manager position has been designed to help the current management team continue on a path of success and value based business growth.

The Operations Manager position will be elemental in its ability to create an organizational structure that supports the daily functioning of the cafe.  Responsibilities will include managing the purchasing and receiving systems as well as overseeing organizational systems such as inventory and storage, while assisting in tracking and controlling costs.  The Operations Manager will also be very involved in the processes of hiring and performance reviews, including assisting in the formation of kitchen teams.

Experience in team building, facilitation, restaurant work and management is desirable.  Applicants should be extremely organized and have the people skills necessary to help with personal development and values training.  Position is full time and salaried with a food allowance and insurance benefits.

Send email resumes to Lawrence at:


and all other mail to:

Lawrence Black

4248 Vincent ave S.

Minneapolis, Mn  55410


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