North Carolina: Foothills Pilot Plant seeks General Manager

5 Jan

Job Title:            Small Scale Poultry Plant General Manager and Outreach Coordinator
Position Type :  Time limited contractual position, leading to permanent employment
Qualifications:  Advanced degree in a related field or equivalent industry experience                                                       

Job Purpose:
Manage Foothills Pilot Plant, a small scale poultry and rabbit slaughter and processing facility under USDA and FDA inspection. Work collaboratively with independent growers and coordinate processing schedules. Oversee and manage a part time line processing staff of six to eight individuals. This position will be approximately 50% plant management and 50% outreach and education with growers located in western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina. This position will be supervised by the county director of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.

The general manager should have extensive experience and/or educational attainment for livestock production and processing, preferably with small animals including poultry and rabbits. He or she will perform the following key duties:
Oversee facility operations and adhere to all regulatory requirements for processing under USDA inspection; updates HACCP plans and communicate with USDA inspectors on stringent adherence to such plans.
Schedule processing and packaging services in coordination with growers, USDA inspectors, and line staff;
Oversee management of six to eight part-time line processing staff, provide training on processing to staff, document hours worked and execute payroll, recruit and train new hires as vacancies come open. Coordinate work schedules with officials at the Marion Minimum Security Prison;
Provide outreach, education, and training on production practices to independent growers, most of whom are using sustainable flock management techniques, working in collaboration with North Carolina Extension Agents, grower association board members, and other agricultural professionals;
Service and maintain processing equipment as needed;
Oversee billing for processing services to growers; Report to the Board of the McDowell Economic Development Association and the project Advisory Committee consisting of public servants, agricultural professionals, and active growers intent on using FPP services. Required Skills:
Basic mechanical knowledge
Knowledge of poultry slaughter and further processing procedures
Familiarity with HACCP plans
Strong interpersonal skills and ability to get along with others
Compensation: This position will be contractual for a four- to six-month period, with consideration of full time salaried employment following that time frame and a review of performance. Total compensation is based on experience and qualifications, but is expected to be in the range of $3,000 to $4,000 per month, with opportunities for additional income through consulting services.
This position is based in Marion, NC, with office space at Foothills Pilot Plant and the McDowell County Center of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. The position will begin in January 2011, with plant operations expected to begin in March 2011.  Applicants will be subject to a background check.Interested Candidates should email a completed resume and cover to:
Ashley Wooten
McDowell County Assistant Manager
In the email subject line write: FPP General Manager
Applications are accepted until the position is filled

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