New Jersey: Grow it Green Morristown seeks Urban Farm Intern

10 Jan
Grow  it  Green  Morristown  is  seeking  two  reliable,  hands- ‐on,  urban  farm  interns  to  assist with  the  cultivation  and  teaching  opportunities  at  the  Urban  Farm  at  Lafayette.    The cultivated  area  of  our  farm  is  approximately  one- ‐half  acre.  All  of  our  farm  practices follow  organic  recommendations  and  emphasize  overall  sustainability,  but  we  are  not certified  organic.  The  Urban  Farm  Interns  will  be  responsible  for  helping  to  manage  the Urban  Farm  at  Lafayette  for  food  production  and  education,  and  helping  coordinate  the distribution  of  farm  products  to  Grow  it  Green  Morristown’s  various  constituencies.

However,  beyond  being  a  farm,  The  Urban  Farm  at  Lafayette  is  an  educational  center  for
the  community  and  the  4,700  children  of  the  Morris  School  District,  making  this  job
opportunity  distinct  from  many  typical  farm  jobs.  The  Farm  Interns  will  play  an
important  role  assisting  with  educational  projects  involving  the  farm.    This  will  require
self- ‐confidence  and  a  professional  attitude,  as  well  as  being  able  to  deal  with  a  variety  of
diverse  groups.    Our  interns  must  be  able  to  work  with  groups  of  youth  and  adults.    The
Urban  Farm  Interns  will  report  to  the  Farm  Manager  and  the  Urban  Farm  Organizer.
Interns  should  desire  to  learn  more  about  gardening  and  production  of  food,  as  well  as
have  a  desire  to  work  with  children  and  the  public.    We  are  a  community  oriented  non- ‐
profit,  as  such  we  will  expect  the  intern  to  help  with  programs  and  classes  at  the  garden.
Occasionally,  the  intern  will  work  at  the  Community  Garden  on  Early  Street.
As  the  garden  is  located  on  school  district  property  and  interns  will  be  working  with
District  children,  the  applicant  must  be  able  to  pass  a  criminal  background  check  and
submit  to  fingerprinting.
Duties  will  include:
Hands  on  physical  labor
1. Basic  care,  feeding,  and  tending  of  a  large- ‐scale  vegetable  garden,  including
shoveling,  weeding,  and  watering.  Ability  to  use  the  tools  to  complete  these
tasks,  such  as  pruners,  wheelbarrows,  hoses,  etc.
2. Must  be  able  to  lift  heavy  loads  (such  as  soil,  compost,  rocks,  etc.)
3. Must  be  ready  to  paint,  help  build  raised  beds,  trellis  and  general  garden  tidying
up  a  necessity.
A  mature,  positive  attitude
1. Dependable,  organized,  flexible  and  have  a  sense  of  humor.
2. Must  be  a  self- ‐starter  and  work  with  little  supervision  –  many  times  the  intern
may  be  the  only  person  working  at  the  garden.

3. Can  be  flexible  due  to  weather  constraints  (i.e.  heavy  rain  one  day  may  change
the  work  schedule)
4. Must  be  personable,  like  working  with  all  kinds  of  people  including  children  and
our  diverse  community  members
5. Work  as  a  member  of  a  team
6. A  strong  work  ethic  and  the  ability  to  work  independently,  with  minimal
7. Excellent  communication  skills
Other  items  that  are  important  to  both  you  and  us
1. Some  office  work  will  be  required
2. Spanish  speaking  is  a  plus
3. Flexibility  with  work  assignments
4. This  is  not  a  n  established  internship  program  –  we  are  creating  it  as  we  go  and
welcome  you  to  be  apart  of  our  growing  organization
5. Must  have  own  transportation.
6. NJ  Transit  train  station  is  located  within  one  mile  of  the  Urban  Farm
Job  Schedule
This  is  a  seasonal  based  position.  We  are  currently  offering  two  positions.  We  have opportunities  available  for  college  students  from  May  23rd to  August  26th (these  datescan  be  adjusted  to  accommodate  the  student)  and  from  March  21st to  October  14th, part

time,  25  hours  a  week.    During  the  months  of  June- ‐August,  the  interns  must  be  willing  to
work  a  minimum  of  one  day  each  weekend.    This  position  is  an  outdoor  job  and  requires
the  ability  to  work  in  a  variety  of  weather  conditions,  including  very  hot  and  humid
weather.    On  days  where  outdoor  work  is  impossible,  interns  may  be  asked  to
participate  in  office  related  work  or  reschedule  a  workday.    The  workday  beings  at  8:30
am  and  ends  at  4:30,  with  an  hour  break  for  lunch.    The  lunch  hour  is  unpaid.  There  is  no
housing  provided.  Interns  will  be  paid  $12/  hr.

Email  a  resume,  the  names  and  contact  information  of  three  references  and  a  cover  letter
describing  your  relevant  experience  to  Samantha  Rothman  (


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