Ohio: Old Couple with Land seeks Young Couple with Energy

24 Jan

Old couple with land and cattle, sheep, goats, ducks looking for conscientious worker/partner. Frail old woman with type A personality and lots of big ideas.

No experience necessary, but must be willing to work hard and pay attention.

Farm chores include a lot of manual labor ~ tagging lambs, banding calves, making hay, repairing fences, removing limbs and logs from fields, maintaining mower and baler, weed whacking, welding mangers and anything else that comes up. We are always learning and willing to share our knowledge. Seasonal projects include maple syrup and honey. We have a large garden and can and freeze. We rotationally graze and stockpile.

Additional money can be earned running the carpet scrubber and helping with heavy inside chores.

We are open to additional projects, and hope to start a grape arbor and orchard next year. We are open to homesteaders looking to learn and save up for their own place.

We are uncertified, but use only organic methods and materials. Questions and offers welcome.


Junction City, Ohio 43748


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