New Jersey: St. Philip’s Academy seeks EcoSPACES Coordinator

3 Feb

St. Philip’s Academy in Newark, seeks a Coordinator for our EcoSPACES program. EcoSPACES is a multi-dimensional, co-curricular program designed to give students the tools to lead healthy and environmentally productive lives in the 21st century. The curriculum focuses on the physical body, nutrition, the health of our planet, the conservation of energy and natural resources, and on all aspects of “green living.” Students are exposed to a K-8 curriculum, designed to present a comprehensive program of sustainable living. It is our hope in doing so, that we expand their capacity to accept the best practices of environmental and nutritional stewardship so that they might make informed decisions for living a life that benefits our planet, while providing proper care for their own bodies. 

The program currently exists in several different learning environments

  • Outdoor Learning Center and Rooftop Gardens
  • Seed- to-Table Healthy Lunch Service
  • Curricular integration, K-8
  • Photovoltaic Panels and Electronic HVAC monitoring system
  • Kitchen Classroom
  • Closed Loop Food Cycle
  • Gymnasium-Movement and Physical Exercise
  • AeroFarms (a one of a kind aeroponic environment)

The EcoSPACES Coordinator is twelve month position responsible for the leadership, development and management of the EcoSPACES Program. The chosen candidate will manage the gardens, teaching kitchen and will work closely with faculty teaching within these environments. The successful candidate will serve as the public face and representative of St. Philip’s EcoSPACES during on site visits from foundations, funders and other individuals.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manages day to day operations of garden and teaching kitchen to ensure sustainability of the program
  • Schedules and assist faculty with weekly EcoSPACES lessons and special projects
  • Teaches 6th grade EcoSPACES Environmental Science
  • Plan, direct, articulate, communicate and promote EcoSPACES Program goals and values
  • Responsible for overseeing day to day, on/off-site EcoSPACES program operations
  • As determined by Director, work with Development Office as liaison with outside agencies, contractors, and City departments for sustainability and environmental matters related to classroom teaching.
  • Coordinates grade level and school-wide EcoSPACES assemblies and activities (Community Service Days, Earth Day, Thanksgiving)
  • Coordinate and lead faculty in special programming and long-term projects
  • Assess and document the EcoSPACES Curriculum at each grade level
  • Ensure that all events, topics of study and projects are documented according to prescribed standards
  • Research and offer professional development opportunities
  • Facilitate the training of staff and volunteers (parents included) related to the EcoSPACES program
  • Define and oversee internship opportunities
  • Draft and submit for approval: systems, policies and procedures related to EcoSPACES programs
  • Ensure that the physical education curriculum is concurrent with the goals and values of the EcoSPACES program
  • In cooperation with the Associate Head of School and the Academic Leadership team, ensure that the HVAC monitoring system and the closed loop food system environments maintain a healthy curricular presence.
  • With the EcoSPACES Director, develop and submit an annual summary evaluation for each of the Eco-SPACES environments.
  • Work closely with the EcoSPACES Director on short and long term annual planning projects for submittal to the Head of School

The successful candidate will possess the following skills and attributes:

  • Experience in gardening/farming and/or Seed-to-Table programs.
  • The ability to work well independently in creating new programming as well as collaboratively in working with grade level teachers.
  • Organizational and time management
  • Charismatic and dynamic with children
  • A working knowledge of kitchens, agriculture, and nutrition.
  • Leadership experience in a classroom setting
  • Futuristic vision
  • Sense of humor
  • Commitment to a collegial work environment
  • Optimistic
  • Open-minded

About the School
St. Philip’s Academy is a K-8 school, which seeks to provide a rigorous academic and moral education to the children of the city of Newark and its environs. St. Philip’s strives to create within its students a love of learning, and an intellectual curiosity, and a sense of duty to the community that will enable them to make thoughtful and morally informed decisions throughout their lives. The school exists to provide a unique educational opportunity for capable students, regardless of their ability to pay. It seeks to provide a model of educational excellence, thereby contributing to the revitalization of the city of Newark.

In 2008, St. Philip’s Academy launched its EcoSPACES (St. Philip’s Academy Cultivating Environmental Sustainability) Program with the vision that all students have access to nutritious, tasty food to support the development of healthy minds and bodies. Reinforced by the use of physical learning environments that include the roof top garden, teaching kitchen, gymnasium and dining room, students learn the importance of the closed food loop cycle. In addition, the learning environments are used by teachers to support existing academic curriculum to teach through hands on learning.
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Qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to Karen San Giacomo at or mailed to:

Karen San Giacomo
Director of Communications
342 Central Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103


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