North Carolina: Ivy Creek Family Farm seeks Interns

3 Feb
What You Gain

Our farm interns learn about organic farming in a beautiful setting 25 minutes north of Asheville, NC.  Interns are an integral part of all farm activities, including greenhouse production, planting, field cultivation and weeding, harvesting, selling, and packaging products. They work with us in the field and on the farm, five full days a week. Tasks on the farm are long and often tedious. Our goal is to provide apprentices with the experience and knowledge they need to start their own farming operation. Interns learn through working. We also share information about the planning we do to make our farm efficient and profitable, including seed calculation, basic accounting, equipment lists, cultivation tips, direct marketing, and more. We believe in fostering teamwork and community.

Full Season, Paid Internships

Our Full Season Paid Interns are recent graduates, community members, and aspiring organic farmers who work on the farm from early April to late Octoberfive days a week. Full Season Interns live in a renovated barn apartment on Ivy Creek Family Farm, eat lunch provided by the farm on work days, receive veggie seconds for meals, and get a $400 a month stipend. In the 2011 season, we have two full season internships available. We ask that Full Season Interns take leadership roles and have previous experience with farming or serious gardening.

College Interns

College Interns work on the farm from mid May to the end of August five days a week.  The interns live in a renovated barn apartment, eat lunch provided by the farm on work days, receive veggie seconds for meals, and get a $200 monthly stipend. In the 2011 season, we have one college internship available.

How to Apply

Send us a cover letter outlining your interest in working on our farm, your strengths and goals, and your farming experience. Include your resume and two references and mail the information to Anna and Paul Littman at the address below by March 1st. Email questions.


We ask that all applicants be interested in farming, have the ability to work consistently on repetitive tasks, be in good physical and mental shape, and enjoy physical labor. We hope that all interns will be able to have fun and stay focused while working hard.

Additional Options for Working on the Farm: We also accept volunteers who work on the farm for a set amount of time weekly in exchange for experience and veggies. If you’d like to help out 1 -2 days a week, please contact us to learn more.

Ivy Creek Family  Farm

390 North Fork Rd  Barnardsville, NC 28709

Call or email us: 828-626-2447 or

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