Minnesota: Moonstone Farm seeks Intern

4 Feb
Western  Minnesota Livestock  on  grass/ Viticulture / permaculture
Your browser may not support display of this image. bunkhouse + board + monthly stipend***
Join farm team in multi-species planting and care, with both native and adaptive species to foster a perennial polyculture. ***Learn fencing/trellising techniques, vineyard, paddock and grazing management. ***Prairie and woodland, crops and cattle, human-scale and machine-assisted projects—different every day. ***Opportunity to integrate and apply strategies of permaculture design and holistic management.***Access to library, river, social network, music, art, local-organic livelihood and sustainable community.
    Richard Handeen & Audrey Arner at Moonstone
    9060 40th Street Southwest, Montevideo, Minnesota 56265 (320) 269-8971


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