Missouri: Deep Mud Farm seeks two Interns

5 Feb

Deep Mud Farm is a certified organic truck farm supplying diverse vegetables to three farmers’ markets and a number of restaurants in Columbia and St Louis, Missouri. It is run by Jeremy Saurage, on part of what was once his great grandfather’s farm in Callaway County. While quite modestly sized, Deep Mud focuses on producing as much value and as high a quality as possible, using the most efficient and appropriate means available.

Stipend : $600 – $800 per month depending on experience and motivation.

Skills Desired: The intern should care a lot about food. Experience on
other farms is desirable, but not necessary. Work in restaurants would
be considered a plus.

Educational Opportunities: We do it all! And so will you. By the end
of the year, you will hopefully know your way around: a tractor and
various tillage implements, a cultivating tractor used to save time
spent with a hoe, hand-weeding, seedling production and greenhouse
management, on farm composting and soil fertility management, crop
planning, seeding and transplanting, season extension using small
unheated hoop houses, basic machinery maintenance and maybe even some
repair, effective cover cropping and crop rotation. Whew, what else?
Harvesting, washing, packing and marketing of produce (that’s a big
one). Burning firewood. Rudimentary building.

One project coming up this season is a small straw bale cabin to be
built with spare time. Interns will be welcome to help if they are

Home economics type stuff is not the point of the internship, but if
time allows, we may do some canning and pickling.

Housing: Interns will live in the farm house built by my
great-grandfather. They will share a bedroom until such time as the
straw bale cabin is livable, at which point each intern will have
their own bedroom in the farm house. All will share the shower and
kitchen in house.

Internship Details: The internship will be quite diverse, as is the
work on a small truck farm. This opportunity will most likely appeal
to individuals seeking to gain the skills and experience that will
eventually enable them to run their own farm, because, to be honest,
if you don’t value those skills and the experience, you may not feel
suitably rewarded for your efforts here; farming is truly intense
work. That said, there’s a lot to enjoy about being outside, in all
manner of weather, producing gorgeous, nutritious organic fruits and
vegetables that customers will appreciate.

Work hours are typically to be Monday to Friday from 6am to 6pm, with
breakfast from 8am to 9am and lunch from 1pm to 2pm. Wednesdays are
“special”, in that market goes from 4pm to 7pm, meaning that the van
doesn’t typically return to the farm until 9:30pm. Saturday mornings,
the market vans leave around 5:45am, and markets go until noon or 1pm,
at which point the interns are free for the weekend. That does sound
like a lot, doesn’t it!

Contact: Jeremy Saurage – deepmudfarm@gmail.com

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