New York State: Green Acres seeks Organic Gardener/Farmer/Entrepreneur

5 Feb

Organic Gardener / Farmer /  Entrepreneur / Part time, with room for growth.

Location: Sag Harbor NY

Looking for the right person or couple to help start a small organic hobby farm and slowly turn it into a successful model of sustainable agriculture / “market garden”. Currently there is 2000 sq ft of raised beds and a few acres, each of fields and mixed oak forest. On site is a new tractor and trailer, compost tumblers, a chicken tractor with chickens, shop space, small barn, and a large cellar with grow lights for seed starting. Also a renovated attached cottage ( to be discussed). Oh! and lovely indoor and outdoor dining areas overlooking the gardens and fields for foodie related gatherings. With the experience you bring we would like to design and build greenhouses, Mandala gardens, fresh water ponds, and add more wildlife for the first phase.

It’s a beautiful property with good south facing exposure. In the
Hamptons the restaurant’s and informed buyer population show great
support for small local farms, year round fresh produce, farmers
market, and CSA programs.
A motivated individual could take this opportunity from a part time
job to spearheading the growth of the project, create markets by
managing and producing accordingly, and get compensation incentives
for it. There is opportunity to create a curriculum for education on
the farm, events, fundraisers, and ongoing culinary type gathering
etc. It’s up to your imagination. This is a great position for someone
with vision, a clear concept of the importance of small sustainable
agriculture, and an entrepreneurial spark. Applying permaculture
practices would be a big plus during phase 1.

Job requirements:

Experience with productive organic vegetable gardening; growing from
seed, creating transplants, solid knowledge of composting and soil
building. An understanding of four season food production is
important. General property maintenance; mowing, raking, trimming,

Opportunities to grow and incentives:

Establish a market for produce, restaurants, farmers markets, CSA,
foodie events etc. Develop your creative, horticultural, and
agricultural skills. Add critters or aquaculture, orchards, new beds
and create new planting spaces. Create educational programs for kids
and adults about varied subjects of your choice. As a single farther
with two young children our quality of life is first and foremost. I
am committed to the process of growing and learning with my children
and will be enormously supportive of the ideal applicant who can make
this opportunity into a rewarding long term, full time position.
Please respond with resume to…

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