Minnesota: Prairie Hollow Farm seeks Interns

7 Feb

Elgin, MN 55932

Contact: Isaiah Benike

Phone [Cell] 507-271-2550

Email: no.1veggieman@yahoo.com

Website: www.prairiehollow.com

Last Updated: 01-27-2011

General Description: Prairie Hollow Farm is a 200 acre diversified farm, specializing in value-added, direct-marketed products from dairy (cows), beef, crops, and organic produce.  Products are marketed to restaurants, food co-ops, institutions and farmers’ markets.  Located in the southeast corner of the state on the edge of Bluff Country, in close proximity to bike trails and Whitewater and Carley state parks.
Internship Dates: May 16 –July 2, July 5 – August 20
Number of Interns: 2 for each session
App Deadline: March 15, or until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: Entire apprenticeship, preference given to candidates available for both sessions

Educational Opportunities: As a farm-immersion experience, most learning will be done through daily activities. All interns will have opportunities to assist in animal husbandry, crop management, vegetable/fruit production and harvesting, cheese-making, and bread-making.  Direct marketing experience will be gained through farmers’ markets.

Meals: Provided.  Everyone on the farm helps with meal preparation.

Housing: Provided.  Sharing house with farm family.  No smoking permitted.
Stipend: no monthly stipend. Housing and meals only.


Skills Desired:

* Interest in Sustainable Organic Agriculture.
* Previous farm work experience or background in farming is a plus.
* Early morning starter; good physical condition, able to work long hours.  Farming is hard work.

* An emphasis on hands-on physical labor is very important.

* Willingness to get sweaty, wet and dirty.

* No canine, feline, bovine, insect, reptile or amphibian phobias.

* Great sense of humor and ability to laugh at self is critical.

* All interns must have a positive attitude, an ability to receive constructive criticism, and a strong work ethic.
* Ability to work as a member of a team with flexibility in work assignments as needed
* Ability to communicate effectively.

* Interest in direct marketing and customer service.

* Computer/website skills a plus.

Preferred method Of Contact: Please email or mail letter of interest detailing your skills and reasons for desiring internship.
Internship Details: As an intern with Prairie Hollow, you will be immersed in the day-to-day operations of our farm. Work days are Monday through Saturday.  You will participate in: care and feeding of cattle, milking, hoophouse production, field planting, weeding, and harvesting of over 40 different vegetables, as well as cleaning, packing, and storage. Value-added experiences include making a variety of cheeses, cheese plant sanitation, packaging and labeling; grinding flour and making different breads and wheat products.  Interns will assist with set-up, sales and clean up at farmers’ markets.

Since we are a family operation, you will be spending time with family members and given the opportunity to participate in family leisure and recreational activities.  We expect that you will respect and abide by our family values.  We want you to have fun while you are here!



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