Washington State: Cloudview EcoFarms seeks Assistant Growers

11 Feb

Cloudview EcoFarms in Central Washington is Accepting Applications for :
1) Assistant growers for 2011 (Royal City, WA)
2) Assistant growers for new market farm project (Ephrata, WA)

March/April start, full season commitment
FARM INFO: www.cloudviewecofarms.org
Send cover letter & resumes to info@cloudviewecofarms.org
Positions are full-time, hourly, with housing options 

1) Assistant Growers for 2011 (Royal City, WA)

Cloudview Eco Farms are organic vegetable farms serving folks in Ephrata, Ellensburg, Moses Lake, and Wenatchee. We are looking for someone to join our gardening team.  We are located in sunny and hot Central Washington, about 45 miles east of Ellensburg near the Gorge Amphitheater. We are 2.5 hours east of Seattle.
We irrigate with Columbia River water to grow a variety of crops. We are always working towards a more sustainable and ecological farming model. A large portion of the vegetable growing land is certified organic. A great deal of the apple orchard is currently certified organic and the orchards in general are Food Alliance Certified.  We have a small herd of animals that we maintain for food friendship, and soil fertility, including meat & milking goats, hens, meatbirds, and pigs.

There are 8-12 people working on the farm at any given time and we live in farm housing with some group meals, meetings, special events, and of course much work around the gardens and farms. We grow food for farmers markets, CSA, restaurants, and bulk sales.  We also dry, can, and freeze as much food as we can for the winter, grind our own grain, and keep chickens, goats, and pigs.

Assistant Growers would work with and under the supervision of the owner and head grower as part of a team of gardeners & farmers, with opportunity for proposing and pursuing special projects of their own. Applicants must have 1+ years of growing experience.

Responsibilities include:
Assisting with all aspects of growing and selling vegetables
Packing produce orders & CSA shares
Animal care & animal project development
Selling at farmers markets
Landscaping & beautification projects

2) Growers for new Market Garden Project (Ephrata, WA)

The Ephrata Project has 3 main components: a market farm, community garden, and farm stand.
We are looking for people to spearhead the gardening, landscaping , and project development efforts on this land. This farm is 45 minutes away from the main farm, but conveniently located just outside the city of Ephrata, WA.  There is land to garden vegetables, and a large hayfield adjacent that would be ideal for grazing animals.
Applicants should have 2+ years of growing experience, be entrepreneurial, self-starting, and okay with spending 95 percent of their work time outdoors doing gardening and landscaping. Compensation depends on experience. Growers would work under the supervision of the owner, and head grower.

Duties may include:
All aspects of growing & selling vegetables

Selling retail out of a farm store
Marketing and outreach to find new customers, build sales
Coordinating a community gardening program
Landscaping and beautification
Collaborating with the other Cloudview farms on special projects
Loading and unloading trucks
Organizing farm spaces
Selling at farmers markets
CSA marketing & outreach
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