California: Grub CSA Farm seeks three Interns

15 Feb

We are looking for a full season commitment (April 18th-October 28th) from three interns for the 2011 growing season. Our farm and is located on 40 acres of land just one mile from downtown Chico, California. Chico is a smallish university town in the northern reaches of the fertile Sacramento Valley just below the confluence of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. We farm five-plus acres of diverse mixed vegetables, plus some flowers and herbs for our 100 share CSA, farmers market stands, and our co-op, grocery, and restaurant sales. The Grub CSA Farm is committed to providing weekly shares of fresh, healthy, seasonal, sustainably grown food for our CSA members to enjoy, all picked up right here on the farm. We offer working shares and a fee structure which allows us to make our abundance more affordable and accessible. Our working relationship with local schools helps to keep us grounded while giving kids opportunities to explore where their food comes from. GRUB was founded in the spirit of learning by doing. To take action to make a difference. We invite you to join in the process as we search for three interns to share in the work and bounty during this 2011 growing season.

The Grub CSA Farm is one of the many interactions with the land that take place on the 40 acres leased by the GRUB Cooperative—an intentional community where people are committed to living more sustainably at home and in the greater Chico community. While the internship is only with the CSA Farm, as an intern you will be farming and living in close proximity to the other inhabitants of the land. In addition to the people, the GRUB Cooperative is also home to laying hens, honeybees, pigs, a perennial herb garden, a mixed fruit orchard, gray water systems, small solar installations, various building projects, a greenhouse, a cob oven, a bike shop, a work shop, reclaimed building materials, cats, children, a tractor, and a trampoline.


Positioned just outside the city limits a mere 5 minute bike ride from the heart of downtown Chico, the GRUB Cooperative is poised perfectly to reunite town-folk with country ways. In addition to the Grub CSA Farm some of the ways members of the GRUB Cooperative do this good work include GRUB Supported Community Gardens, the GRUB Restaurant Compost Program, the GRUB School-Garden Education Program, and by hosting workshops, events and festivals.

Meals: Annual farmers (that’s you) and perennial farmers (Franny, Lee, and Michael) share lunch cooking & cleaning duties on work days. Dinners are prepared by different community members five nights a week. Food that isn’t grown or produced right here on the farm is bought in bulk when possible with goals of local and sustainable guiding our choices. During other meal times the community kitchen in the main house and community food will be available for you to enjoy. We will also provide a simple outdoor kitchen for you to use.

Skills Desired: Some farm experience preferred. An ideal candidate would be passionate about local food and farming and enjoy working hard, and possess physical stamina, a good sense of humor, and strong communication skills. You must be able to work in hot valley heat, perform repetitive tasks, and have the ability to lift up to 50 pounds at a time. Ability to drive stick a plus.

Educational Opportunities: We emphasize a hands on approach to your farm education. Learning by doing and taking the time to put your labor into context with the “big picture” of the farm’s day to day operations. You will be given the opportunity to manage the harvest of certain crops. We have weekly meetings where we will take a look at the upcoming week in detail. You will get to experience all phases of the operation, from seed to sale or table. We will also take you on tours of some other local farm operations.


Additionally, living at the GRUB Cooperative you will have opportunities to participate in communal living processes including shared meals, consensus meetings, and various cooperative and community projects.

Stipend: In addition to providing three meals per day plus lodging, a stipend is provided at the end of each month. The stipend will increase each month in accordance with bounty and work as the season progresses.

Housing: We have two travel trailers and the third simple living space is in the works.

Internship Details: Your work week will be Monday through Friday. The start time of a typical work day will change with the sunrise, beginning approx ½ hour after sunrise at a previously agreed upon time. During the morning each person will get a 10 min break. Lunch break is an hour and will begin between 12:30 and 1:30. Most work days will end by 5 pm with the possibility of some evening harvests necessitated by heat that would include the preceding afternoon off.


Daily tasks include: seeding, green house work, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, and post harvest handling, with opportunities to experience CSA distribution and farmers market.


Throughout the season we will make time for periodic check-ins to facilitate communication amongst the farm crew.


The farm is run by partners: Francine, Lee, & Micheal. Francine and Lee live at the GRUB Cooperative with their new son Orrin, who spends time with us in the field and whose childhood is quickly becoming the envy of Michael who didn’t discover farm fields to play in until he was thirteen.

Please send a resume, preferably via e-mail. Include all relevant work experience and education, three personal references, and contact information.

Contact: Lee, Francine, Micheal


Grub CSA Farm
1525 Dayton Road
Chico, CA 95928

Phone: [Cell] 530-680-4543




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