New York State: The Amagansett Food Institute seeks three Interns

1 Mar
The Amagansett Food Institute (a 501(c)(3) organization) seeks three volunteer interns. No compensation can be offered.

1.  A business intern to assist with the development of its long-term strategy plan.

The intern would take part in various aspects of research and development, including:

  • comparative analysis of market segments, such as sustainable farming, organic food, food development, “farm-to-table programs,” and food education;
  • budget development, such as staffing, program development, capital expenditures, five-year projections, and the like;
  • fund raising strategies, such as market targets, community outreach, grant writing, and foundation research.

2.  An education intern to assist with AFI’s outreach to schools.

The intern would focus on the development of community relations by contacting and meeting with community school board representatives, children’s after-school program coordinators, and local parents and family members.  The intern would organize a child-friendly educational program that offered weekend and after-school classes, workshops, and field trips centered on the growing of food and its production. The intern would also assist with maintaining AFI’s computerized database.

3. A forager intern to help connect food producers with consumers.

The intern would lead an outreach to local food producers and providers, and connect them with consumers, such as local food pantries, coordinating the distribution of fresh produce and prepared foods to low-income families. The position would involve:

  • developing relationships with local farmers and food producers, restaurants and other providers, and food pantry directors and volunteers;
  • setting up a distribution system that would connect food providers with consumers, making sure that excess supply reached the neediest consumers.

Candidates for these internships should have a genuine commitment to, and interest in, the environment, farming, food production, and education. A knowledge of community development and outreach would be helpful. They should also have strong computer skills, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Carissa Waechter


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