NYC: Greenmarket seeks Seasonal Market Manager

3 Mar

Greenmarket Organization Information
Greenmarket is a program of GrowNYC, formerly Council on the Environment of NYC (  Greenmarket’s mission is to promote regional agriculture and ensure a continuing supply of fresh local produce for New Yorkers. Greenmarket supports farmers and preserves farmland for the future by providing regional, small family farmers with opportunities to sell their fruits, vegetables and other farm products to New Yorkers.

2011 Seasonal Market Manager Positions
This position is seasonal, and is comprised of 3 equally important components – operations, promotions and managing the EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer – Food Stamps program) program at market. The operations aspect of this position includes rules enforcement, paperwork, meeting deadlines, and overseeing the physical layout of outdoor farmers’ markets. The promotional aspect of this position includes both at market promotions and neighborhood outreach.  The EBT aspect of the position includes selling tokens to EBT customers, collecting tokens from farmers and at market and in office paperwork and accounting.  We are seeking applicants from all 5 boroughs to manage markets within their communities. Since markets are located in many diverse neighborhoods, some positions may require proficiency in Spanish, Chinese, or other languages.  The position requires very good communications skills, the ability to think on one’s feet and the willingness to work long days in all weather, weekends and holidays. A few positions require driving, unloading, and loading a cargo van. We are searching for outgoing, decisive, flexible, detail-oriented early-risers. A firm understanding of seasonal, local food and growing practices is beneficial.

Market Manager’s Responsibilities
Below is a list of some, but not all, of a market manager’s duties:
Enforce Greenmarket rules and regulations.
Determine farmer truck and tent locations according to market layout.
Complete manager’s report and other market paperwork by assigned deadlines.
Conduct cooking demonstrations and other at market promotional events.
Perform outreach in the local community to promote markets.
Perform EBT and debit/credit transactions as necessary
Be able to talk with people in the markets (e.g. customers, community leaders, park employees, local merchants, construction

personnel, unauthorized film crews, outside vendors, politicians), answer questions, and represent Greenmarket.
Provide weekly e-mail updates to supervisors regarding markets.
Weekly office attendance.
Set-up and maintain an electronic market plan; prepare maps/layouts of markets; maintain contact list.
Maintain an accurate record of EBT and debit/credit transactions, tokens sold and redeemed, Health Bucks distributed and other

required paperwork at the market and in the office.
Promote use of EBT/Food Stamps at the market.

Physical Requirements
Work outdoors, standing and walking for extended periods of time (up to 12 hours in a day), sometimes in extreme

Transport heavy/bulky items
Work in a potentially noisy environment.

Agriculture is seasonal in New York, and so is the job of a Greenmarket market manager.  Market manager positions begin training in May, though most manager’s markets and hours will not start until July, though part-time hours may be available before then.  From July to November, both full and part time positions are available. Full time positions will be 35-40hours/week with little opportunity for time off.  Hours for part time positions may vary. Saturdays are a requirement for all positions.

The Market Manager position pays $14/hour and does not include benefits.  For additional information, please see our website at  Submit cover letter, resume and three references to Chelsea Whittaker, Please write “Market Manager” in the subject line. Please also include where you heard about the position in your cover letter.  Interviews will be on a rolling basis starting in April.  GrowNYC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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