New York State: New Small Farm seeks Workers

19 Mar

Looking for a Part-time Paid Farmer and Willing Curious Workers

near Rhinebeck, NY

Launching of a ¾ acre diversified vegetable, herb and flower market garden.  We are looking for willing individuals, from April through October.  These dates are flexible with May through August being the most essential period of assistance.

It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn how to start a garden, grow food, encourage a healthy ecosystem, build soils and doing all in an efficient and effective way.

PART I *We are currently looking for one part-time worker for the entire season.  Some experience would be appreciated, but more importantly…

– a good work ethic for long hot days of repetitive heavy labor

-enthusiasm and curiosity

-attention to detail

-reliability and the ability to follow directions

-hard working and self-motivated

-values communication

Job Description: Be a part of every aspect of the growing space, from seeding, bed preparation, harvest and maintenance. Workdays will generally start at 7am.

Exchange: 20 hrs/3 weekdays for $10/hr

PART II: Willing & Curious Workers

If you are interested in offering your time and presence to nurture our abundant food system, if you are self-motivated and can follow direction please be in touch.

For either position, please send a simple cover letter and resume to



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