North Carolina: Farm to TABLE Project seeks Market and Procurement Manager

19 Mar

The market and procurement manager will handle all aspects of the procurement of weekly vegetables for TABLE ( from Carrboro, Fearrrington and South Estes Farmers Market farmers.  When the Wednesday market at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market is in session, the manager will be present onsite at the Wednesday market each week from 3:30p – 6:30p.

The manager will also buy within a set budget and manage the procurement of the types and amounts of the food required by TABLE. The Procurement Manager will handle grant and financial reporting for procurement, Donation Station booth staffing, volunteer management/recruitment and set up/take down of the donation station booth at the Wednesday Carrboro Farmers’ Market.

The manager will work with overall Farm to TABLE project manager to facilitate farmer relationships, ensuring that farmers are aware of the procurement system and are comfortable with it. When the markets are not in session, the manager will work with the project lead to source vegetables directly from farmers, or from a local foods distributor. The position is grant-funded and runs from April to November 2011. The market and procurement manager position is part-time, non-exempt for 5 hours per week at $15 per hour.

The manager will work under the weekly supervision of the Farm to TABLE overall project manager and will be expected to keep a weekly timesheet for reporting back to the funder and other team leads.

Core Duties and Responsibilities:

– Procure weekly vegetables for 60 bags (@~$7 per bag) aligning with the menus and requests from the TABLE programs and afterschool directors.

– Manage budgets, keep detailed accounting and receipts for the purchases, including farmers, amounts and types of vegetables.

– Manage/input the procurement and availability information into the online system.

– Manage farmer relationships and spread purchases evenly across multiple markets (Carrboro, Fearrington, South Estes, and if possible, Western Wake)

– Ensure that the food purchased is of highest quality and produced using methods that are safe and healthy for young children’s consumption

– Support/broker the farm and market visits for the 60 children in the program.

– Manager Carrboro Farmers’ Market donation station and coordinate volunteers on the days that TABLE volunteers will be manning the booth and picking up the food.

– During weekly meetings, work closely with the Farm to TABLE project manager to keep tabs on the program, providing feedback, ideas for improvement and other input, documentation for the toolkits, etc.


Market and procurement manager must enjoy eating and cooking with local food! Manager must be a team-player, reliable, highly detail-oriented and organized, with excellent diplomacy and communications skills. Manager should have a firm understanding and experience with farmers’ markets, farming and how to work with local farmers. Manager should be able to communicate effectively with, manage and motivate volunteers. Manager have an understand the growing season and produce availability in the central NC and be able to communicate it clearly to afterschool directors. Proficiency with safe fresh vegetable handling, procurement and packing/storage is a must. Must have own transportation. The bulk of the hours at market will be conducted during week days, particularly on Tuesdays and Wednesday afternoons for the South Estes, Fearrington and Carrboro Farmers’ Markets. References are required.


The market and procurement manager position is grant-funded through December. It is part-time, non-exempt for 5 hours per week at $15 per hour. The position starts in April 2011.

Contact: Please send resume or qualifications to No phone calls please.


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