Massachusetts: Wild Mountain Beefalo Farm seeks Intern

21 Mar

Wild Mountain Beefalo Farm is a small agriculture operation comprised of a self-sustaining herd of registered Beefalo; a group of cross-bred meat/dairy goats, a bunch of meat lambs and a hens only flock of Barred Rock egg chickens. Most of the facilities are located on rented land or part of a memo-of-understanding agreement. Thus far, the entire cost and investment has been private funds with no grants or subsidies from any government agencies or outside groups.

We are small. We are local. We are as green as the grass the animals graze. All livestock is raised without antibiotics or growth hormones using humane methods . We are all-natural. We are a ‘meat and eggs’ producer, selling at Farmers’ Markets year round in the Worcester county, North Quabbin, Hampshire county and metro Springfield areas. Sales growth has come as a result of word of mouth sharing the quality of our products and consumer friendly business practices.

Our meats are all USDA inspected and minimally processed. We sell all the various meat cuts of Beefalo, 8 varieties of all-natural, nitrate/nitrite free sausage, farm fresh eggs, lamb and several different cuts of goat meat. We don’t make much money, but we eat well!

There are 2 intern positions open for the 2011 season. These are unpaid positions with the possibility of a small stipend. One position is primarily animal care and husbandry. The other is marketing based. If chosen, a student of the land and animals will have the opportunity to work with a Beefalo cow-calf-finishing herd of approx 100 animals and a mixed ages goat group of up to 50 animals. This is day-to-day contact with large animals in a natural setting.. The herd is extensively vetted and moved to pasture in mid-spring. Calving season starts in early summer and field breeding season follows. The herd is moved back to the farm approx October 15 depending on quality and quantity of grass on pasture. Some of the Beefalo herd are part of a managed intensive grazing program. The second position will provide a hands-on and planning based opportunity to grow a retail market program for selling the farm products. The daily time commitment and program start and end dates will be determined by agreement.

This is a great Local opportunity for a daily hands-on summer of experience for a student in the animal sciences or veterinary field.

Contact info:

Mark Kaufman, Wild Mountain Beefalo Farm, West Brookfield, MA 01585. Farm 508-867-0500


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