New Jersey: NOFA-NJ seeks Interns

23 Mar

NOFA-NJ offers undergraduate and graduate students hands-on, educational work experiences in the growing field of sustainable agriculture. As a small organization with a big mission, our internships offer something for everyone: students of agriculture, food systems, business, social change, culinary arts, public relations, nutrition and health, publishing, marketing, and design. We offer interns four focus areas to concentrate in but each student has the opportunity to tailor the experience to his or her strengths.


Field Research
Organic agriculture has a unique set of challenges that require tools that are flexible and practical. NOFA-NJ supports organic farmers with technical resources and outreach, the base of which is research. It is our priority to provide information that is accurate and applicable to our members, and, using on-farm research, we are able to do both.

Internship Project Examples
•       Trap crop use: Collect data to determine the efficacy of trap crops on specific insect pests—compare populations in the trap crop with the cash crop
•       Cover crop performance: Compare the germination, biomass production, weed suppression, and soil health benefit of multiple cover crops
•       Living mulch: Determine the feasibility of using living mulches on an organic farm—compare the cost of organic seed and management with any measurable benefit (reduced erosion, reduced disease, pollinator attraction, etc.)

Statistics and Demographics
To aid in strategic planning, NOFA-NJ is compiling data about farms, farmers, and farmland in New Jersey. This internship would be ideal for a social or natural science or math student interested in research and data analysis.

Internship Project Examples:
•      Create plan for collecting data about the state of small-scale, sustainable farming in NJ.
•       Identify small farms for case studies and coordinator/execute interviews
•       Compile data into reproducible report including case studies and graphics.

NOFA-NJ provides year-round educational programs for farmers, gardeners, land care professionals, and consumers. Our programs include agricultural business planning, technical skills, cooking and food preparation lessons, and professional certification courses.

Internship Project Examples:
•      Research national beginning farmer program curricula and resources
•       Compile database of speakers in New Jersey and the surrounding region
•       Provide workshop instruction and assistance for consumer education programs

Event Planning
Our largest event of the year is the Annual Winter Conference, a two-day event featuring workshops for all of our members and the public at large. In 2011, we are expanding the conference to meet the increasing demand. Executing the event requires planning, communications, fund-raising, design, publicity, and much more.

Internship Project Examples:
•      Research locations and facilities
•       Create Speaker Welcome packets with important information and benefits for conference presenters
•       Manage all volunteers leading up to and on the day of the conference.

Communications and Publicity
NOFA-NJ is a statewide organization with many people, organizations, and businesses to reach. Our current outreach methods include marketing emails, social media, newsletters, mailings, and more.

Internship Project Examples:
•      Write and edit seasonal membership newsletter
•       Increase on-line social media participation on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
•       Develop list of advertisers and sponsors for NOFA-NJ publications

Information Technology
NOFA-NJ is a small but very active organization. Our office is the hub of our programs and serves as the headquarters for our staff, library for our members, and meeting space for our events. We constantly seek to improve the way we manage all of our information and resources.

Internship Project Examples:
•       Build membership/contact database to increase accessibility
•       Improve the usability of the website and web tools
•       Create resource library of farming, gardening and food books and articles

The schedule for NOFA-NJ interns is determined on a person to person basis. Prior to the start of the internship, the intern and NOFA-NJ will agree on a schedule.

Depending on projects, the interns will be supervised by the Organic and Conservation Technical Services Specialist or the Education and Outreach Coordinator but work with all staff, board members, members, and volunteers on occasion.

All interns will receive a mid-term and final evaluation.

This is an unpaid internship. Credit available depending on institution.  Interns are eligible to attend many NOFA-NJ events and there may be opportunities to attend state-wide and regional events as well.  NOFA-NJ will do its best to locate nearby housing as needed. Please inquire.

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Please send a cover letter and resume, indicating relevant work experience and course work, to Joanna Dillon at

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