California: SAGE seeks Sunol AgPark Education and Site Manager

8 Apr
SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Education) is a small, growing, entrepreneurial non-profit organization located in Berkeley. Our mission is to develop sustainable agriculture at the urban-rural interface, and to engage a culturally diverse regional population with the sustainable agriculture movement. A primary focus is the development of Agricultural Parks (AgParks) as a land use that advances land access for small and medium scale farmers, enhances natural resource stewardship, and provides fresh food and opportunities for agricultural education for nearby communities.

Position Overview
SAGE is seeking an experienced agricultural-environmental educator and site manager for the 18-acre Sunol
Water Temple Agricultural Park located in the beautiful Sunol Valley. SAGE has a nine year lease with San
Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) for the AgPark and subleases the farming areas to three
small farming enterprises. The Sunol AgPark is guided by a Management Plan which is a blueprint for
fulfilling the project’s farming, public education, and natural resource stewardship goals.
A 2011 charge of the position is to manage the development of a Program Plan for the Alameda Creek
Watershed Center in Sunol, an educational facility being developed by SFPUC next to the AgPark. This plan
will be developed by SAGE under direction of the SFPUC and in collaboration with other partners. The
purpose of the plan is to identify primary uses, audiences, and partners for the Watershed Center; to provide
a blue-print for program development, phased implementation, management, and operations.
The ongoing charge of the position is to continue to develop, help fundraise for, and implement AgPark
education programs for several target audiences: school children, youth, and the general public. These
programs will be integrated in the Watershed Center programming as it comes on line. The position also has
responsibility for site management and farmer management, in conjunction various agriculture experts and
Position Responsibilities
Education Program responsibilities, are supported by an Education Coordinator, and include:
Manage the development of a Program Plan for the Alameda Creek Watershed Center, based on an
existing work plan and in collaboration with established partners (work is fully funded)
Continue to develop and implement a classroom field trip program for 4th-8thgraders, utilizing the

recently completed Farming in the Watershed Curriculum, and a related overnight field trip program
Continue to develop and implement service and project-based learning for middle and high school
students (11-18 year olds); these programs are designed to foster participants’ connection to place, and
focus on developing the native plant hedgerow, wildlife enhancements, and riparian restoration.
Plan and implement public education programs and events including workdays, educational field trips,
and a annual fundraising event
With support from SAGE staff, plan and implement fundraising for AgPark education programs; (50%
of the education program budget has committed funding, the other 50% needs to be raised)
Deepen relationships with existing education program partners and develop new partners

Deepen the engagement of the local Sunol community and other nearby communities in the AgPark
through events, workdays, and creation of a “Friends of the Sunol AgPark” group
Supervise the Education Coordinator, contract teachers, and interns
Coordinate meetings of the AgPark education and advisory committees
Site Management, Farmer Management, and Administration Responsibilities include:
• Manage maintenance of infrastructure including fence, irrigation system and roads; secure professional
services as needed
• Support the team that is planning and constructing an outdoor classroom at the AgPark
• Oversee AgPark protocols designed for health and safety of the farmers and visitors
• Manage primary communication with farmers, including organizing quarterly farmer meetings and a
year-end evaluation meeting, and supporting – as feasible – farmers’ collaborative initiatives, such as co-
marketing and co-purchasing
• Support SAGE office manager with review and administration of the Farming License Agreements and
other farmer-related paperwork and filing; monitor farmers’ adherence to License terms
• Develop a quarterly work plan and annual AgPark budget; manage AgPark communications
SAGE Team Responsibilities include:
• Participate in weekly staff meetings
• Participate in SAGE outreach and communications
• Identify and pursue additional earned-income, grant, and other funding opportunities that may advance
SAGE’s work through the Sunol AgPark
• Collaborate with SAGE President and Office Manager on annual budget process
Qualifications and Experience
The ideal candidate for this position will have;
• At least 5 years of experience developing and managing agro-environmental education programs for
school-age children, youth, and the public
• Knowledge of farming systems, sustainable agriculture practices and organic farming principles
• BS/BA in agricultural education, environmental studies, natural resource ecology, or agriculture is

however 5-10 years experience can substitute for a degree

Excellent oral and written communication skills; outstanding

organizational and management skills
• Preferred candidates will have experience in fundraising and development for programmatic activities,
and/or donor engagement and outreach.

• Ability to work independently and as a part of a team
• Professionalism and interpersonal skills

• Willingness to travel between the SAGE office in Berkeley and Sunol AgPark as well as to other
locations for community outreach, events, and meetings.
Compensation and Workplace
This is a full time position. Full funding has been secured for 2011 and partial funding for the following five
years. The successful candidate will work with SAGE to secure the balance of the program funding. Salary
rate will be determined by the level of experience. We will consider applicants with outstanding agricultural
education program development experience but less direct agricultural experience. We will also consider an
educational program contractor for the first six months only. Workplaces are a small field office in Sunol and
the SAGE office at the David Brower Center in Berkeley.
To Apply
Please send a cover letter, resume, three references, one or two brief writing samples, and any supporting
materials to Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Anticipated start date
is May 1.

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