New York State: Shaker Mountain Canning Co. and Farm seeks Co-Manager

9 Apr
Shaker Mountain Canning Co. and Farm
seeks Co-Manager for start-up 3 acre vegetable farm

The Shaker Mountain Canning Company is a local foods cannery and small, 3 acre vegetable farm in the Hudson Valley. The company, and the farm are new projects, and the farm manager is seeking a co-manager to help with all aspects of building a new sustainable farm – from crop planning, production, and harvest, to designing an irrigation system, managing 50 laying hens, and sales.  The farm will be run using organic growing practices and rotational grazing.  Our site has beautiful silt/loamy soil, is wrapped by the Wyomanock Creek, and a 5 minute drive from the small town of New Lebanon. Lots of activity in the summer, just a short ride from Troy, Albany, train station to NYC.

We’re currently set up to sell at two area markets, and have a 30 member CSA in NYC.  A portion of the produce will be grown for use in the cannery.

This opportunity is ideal for new farmers who are transitioning from experiences as interns and managers, but who still desire hands on experience to independently design and build (from field to budget) a farm before committing their own financial resources to a pilot project. The investment in the farm will come fully from the Canning Co., but the managers will have complete autonomy over the project.  The direction of the farm is open-ended, making it an exciting opportunity for knowledgeable young farmers who want a space to try their ideas! It is important that applicants have multiple seasons of experience on small farms, experience with equipment, some construction, and preferably management skills.

Jennifer Parker, the farm co-manager has worked on organic farms from VA to NYC, worked for the food justice organization Just Food in NYC, setting up CSAs and markets in the city. She has also worked for the Three Corner Field sheep dairy in Shushan, NY. She’s excited to find a partner who has a vision of operating their own small farm someday, and sees this as a possible first step towards that dream.

Position Begins: Immediately

Position Ends: Min commitment 6 months, with potential for multiple year employment

Compensation: $1000/month, produce from farm, Housing/Utilities included, 50% market sales

Skills Required:

Organized, self-motivated, good communicator, previous farming experience a must, spanish speaking a plus, as we will be working in NYC. Must have a drivers license and car/truck very helpful.


Manager will be involved in all aspects of production and marketing. Please contact us for more details. Work week is realistically 50 hours +.

Please send cover letter and resume to Jennifer Parker at

The company website will be up and running in the next few weeks at

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