Oregon: Organic Materials Review Institute seeks Review Program Technical Manager

11 Apr
Status: Full-time, exempt position

Salary range: DOE, plus benefits
Location: Eugene, Oregon

About OMRI

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) plays a critical role in the organic industry as the leading organization providing professional and transparent independent review of material inputs for use in organic production, handling, and processing. OMRI was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1997 by a partnership of certifiers, the industry, and organizations that have an interest in organic farming. OMRI publishes its comprehensive list of OMRI Listed® products suitable for use in organic production and other reference information in print and online. Farmers, certifiers, gardeners, and agricultural professionals depend upon the OMRI lists of commercial products and generic materials permitted according to the USDA National Organic Program standards.

Overview of Position: Review Program Technical Manager

OMRI seeks to fill a vital role in its team with the Review Program Technical Manager. This
position presents a tremendous opportunity to contribute to and participate in upholding the
integrity of the organic industry.
We are looking for an organized, focused and technically capable manager for our busy and
dynamic input product review program. The Review Program Technical Manager is responsible
for overseeing the program’s daily operations, implementing OMRI policies and review criteria,
and supervision of technical program staff. Additionally, the successful candidate will be able to
fully understand applicable regulations and identify and respond appropriately to regulatory

Manage day-to-day operations of the technical review program

• Thoroughly understand and oversee implementation of OMRI policies and review


• Together with the Program Director, ensure adherence to the Quality System
• Oversee interpretation of OMRI Policies and Standards as they relate to the OMRI

Review Program (ORP)

• Ensure proper handling of rebuttals by reviewers and oversee the process of appeals

and mediation.

• Oversee technical and regulatory review of all product applications; Oversee

resolution of technical issues.

• With the Program Director, ensure proper management of all sampling and


• Oversee customer service and correspondence with special attention to applicants

whose applications are difficult or complex.

• Facilitate OMRI Review Panel meetings including oversight of adherence to OMRI

Standards and Policies.

• Manage ORP tracking and reporting system including Key Performance Indicators

(KPIs) for product application process/pending files; with the Program Director,
oversee goals and monitoring of KPIs,.

• In consultation with the Program Director, identify policy or standards issues for

consideration by the OMRI Advisory Council and/or Board of Directors; focus
program on most important areas of investigation.

• Continually stay informed of new developments in applicable regulations and official


• With the Review Program Administrative Manager, ensure proper management of

confidential business information policy and procedures.

• Manage complaints and compliance issues that affect whole groups of products (see

important areas of investigation).

• Ensure timely and appropriate handling of all other complaints.
• Represent the ORP and OMRI at appropriate trade shows and conferences.
• Provide final approval on documents or correspondence (i.e. work instructions,

changes to checklists, forms and letter templates) that affect the technical ORP not
covered by the Senior Reviewer (if one exists) or Review Program Administrative

• Oversee product de-listings and forfeits during review by Product Review


• Oversee fees, resource allocation, major projects such as process improvement, and

ongoing compliance development
Oversee Technical Review Program Staff and Review Panels

• Supervise the day-to-day work of Product Review Coordinators and Senior Reviewer

(if one exists)

• Together with the Review Program Administrative Manager, coordinate and facilitate

meetings of ORP staff.

• Coordinate hiring process for the various ORP staff members that this position


• Conduct periodic performance check-ins and evaluations of supervised staff.
• Conduct annual evaluations of Review Panel members.

Provide support and information to the public

• Write newsletter articles, NOSB reports, and website copy, as requested by the

Program Director.

• Assist with revisions of the Policy and Standards Manual, Generic Materials List, and

any other technical publications, as requested by the Program Director.

• Assist with any other areas of OMRI’s operations, as requested by the Program

Director or Executive Director.
Education and formal training

• Minimum of a Bachelors degree in natural resources or related field required.
• Graduate degree in science or management preferred.


• Two or more years of project/personnel management.
• Some experience working in regulatory environment.
• Experience in sustainable agriculture and/or natural food processing preferred.


• Strong written and oral communication skills required.
• Some proficiency with computer use (Word, Excel, Internet, and e-mail) required.
• Outstanding customer service skills
• Demonstrated ability to manage and delegate multiple tasks, organize information,

and appropriately handle confidential business information

• Knowledge of organic industry and applicable regulations.
• Familiarity with standardized procedures such as ISO 65 preferred.

Application Packet Must Include:
1. A complete chronological resume
2. Names and contact information for 4 references.
3. A cover letter
4. An OMRI Employment Application. See www.omri.org/jobs.
To apply, submit the above information to: job@omri.org with “Review Program Technical
Manager Position” in the subject title by Monday, May 2


, at 8:00 am. Or mail materials to:
OMRI, PO Box 11558, Eugene, OR 97440-3758. Attn: Review Program Technical Manager
See the job announcement on our website at: http://www.omri.org/jobs/review-program-


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This job description is intended as a guide only, and does not limit in any way the duties or
responsibilities of any employee. Nothing herein shall be construed as a contract of employment,
expressed or implied.

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