North Carolina: Farmers of Orange seeks part-time Market Manager

13 Apr

Farmers of Orange is recruiting a part-time market manager for the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market in Chapel Hill, NC. Responsibilities include routine operations on market days, market administration, providing cohesive leadership to the market in conjunction with the Board of Directors, and promotion and advertising of the market. The position requires 6 hours Apr-Nov and 4 hours Dec-Mar on market Saturdays, 5 hours May-Nov on market Tuesdays plus about 8 additional hours each week. Starting salary is $12.00/hr, not to exceed 918 hours per year. Preference to long-term commitments. Must commit through 03/2012.

Market Manager Responsibilities

In general, the Market Manager responsibilities include:
• day-to-day operations on market days
• providing cohesive leadership to the market in conjunction with the Board of Directors
• promotion and advertising of the market

Specifically, the Market Manager responsibilities include:

I. Administration

1. Maintain Farmers of Orange (FO) and FO market websites, Facebook, twitter and listings in online and print directories and calendars.
2. Maintain customer e-mail list; compile and distribute weekly market e-newsletter to customers
3. Membership
a) Maintain a current directory of vendors
b) Maintain records of vendor market attendance and collect weekly space fees as set by the Board
c) Keep up-to-date files on vendor certifications, licenses and any other documentation needed to legally sell at the market
d) Work with membership committee on recruitment of new vendors

II. Market Operations

1. The Market Manager will ensure that the market area is maintained in a safe and efficient manner. The Market Manager will be responsible for handling any emergencies that arise during the market.
2. The Market Manager will monitor market member stalls and ensure member compliance with all Market Rules.
3. The Market Manager acts as the conduit of information between vendors, customers and the Board of Directors. The Market Manager will answer customer and vendor questions/complaints.
4. The Market Manager will assign spots to all market members who do not have permanent spots (e.g. seasonal and guest vendors). The Market Manager will supervise market set-up and market clean-up at the end of the market. This will necessitate the Market Manager be on site approximately 1.5 hours prior to opening and .5 hour after closing for the Saturday market (total of 6 hours in summer, 4 hours in winter) and the Tuesday market (total of 5 hours).
5. The Market Manager will oversee the Welcome table or arrange for volunteers. The Market Manager will oversee and be responsible for all market volunteers. Each hour of the market operation, the Manager or volunteer will take a reasonable count of market customers and record in a comprehensive log.
6. The Manager will attend the monthly Board meeting and report to the Board about market operations: customer and vendor counts, complaints, suggestions, accolades, market needs, etc.
7. The Market Manager will place signage as necessary along roadways on market days.
8. The Market Manager will administrate Farmer FoodShare, WIC, and other aid programs, if available.

III. Promotion and Advertising

1. The Market Manager of the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market (CHFM) will serve as the primary point of contact between FO and media outlets and our CHFM sponsors, A Southern Season (SS) and University Mall (UM).
2. Create effective promotion and advertising of the market; promotion and advertising can be coordinated with SS and UM.
3. Schedule monthly meetings with the Friends of the Market to gain helpful feedback for the Board and to coordinate with Friends on brain storming, organizing and implementing events, market promotion and collaboration with community groups, the town of Chapel Hill, etc.
4. Create, organize and implement special events, music and programs to attract customers; create an annual calendar for the market. Send public service announcements of events 2 weeks in advance to all available local listservs and media outlets: newspapers, radio, television and magazine as appropriate. Create and distribute fliers.
5. Conduct market and customer surveys and other informal research to assess opportunities and challenges for the market.
6. Participate in community meetings and activities on behalf of FO. Identify creative ways for the market to be a part of appropriate community activities.

Desired Qualifications

• Outstanding ability to communicate verbally and in writing
• Experience with project management, program coordination, event planning or community building
• Demonstrated strong organizational skills
• Excellent people skills: friendly, outgoing, tactful, able to listen
• Conflict resolution skills
• Ability to write basic reports and manage the market’s database
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
• Webpage management and design skills are highly desirable
• Sense of humor and capacity to manage stress in a healthy way
• Experience working with diverse stakeholders
• Ability to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis
• Knowledge of and interest in agriculture and food system issues
• Proven success in writing grants and experience in fundraising is desirable
• Public speaking experience is a plus

Employment Period and Time

Employment will begin on or shortly after June 1, 2011 and be permanent/part time. From April – Nov. the work period will be each market Saturday from 6:30 am – 12:30 pm. From Dec. – March the work period will be each market Saturday from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm. And each market Tuesday May-Nov  from 1:30 pm-6:30pm. An additional 8 hours per week (average) will be required for management, marketing, advertising, and planning promotional events. The total number of work hours/yr is estimated to be 918; small changes may be made to any of the above to keep the work hours within budgetary guidelines.

Starting at $12.00/hr

Please send resume and list of references to:
Farmers of Orange
P.O. Box 5
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


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