DC: Petworth Community Market seeks part-time Market Manager

16 Apr

The Petworth Community Market (PCM) is seeking a creative, organized and energetic person qualified to assist the Board of Directors to manage the weekly seasonal farmers market on a part-time basis (8-10 hours per week).

The Petworth Community Market is a seasonal weekly market founded in 2010.  Located on 9th Street between Georgia Avenue and Upshur Streets NW, the market provides an opportunity for the sale, trade, and promotion of local produce, goods, and services with a focus on producers, artisans, and entrepreneurs in the Greater Petworth area. The 2011 season will be open from 4 PM to 8 PM every Friday from May 20th until September 30th (20 weeks).

The successful market manager candidate will exhibit the following:

·                     a basic knowledge of and interest in farmers market operations
·                     excellent communication skills
·                     effective problem-solving skills
·                     excellent time and management skills
·                     an interest in working with people – farmers, vendors, and community residents

Job Description: This position will be responsible for promoting and overseeing the operation of the market.  A partial list of duties

·                     Manage the overall operation of the market every Friday
·                     Retrieve Farmers Market equipment from storage
·                     Close 9th Street to traffic and ensure all non-market oriented vehicles are removed
·                     Direct Farmers and Vendors to their designated spaces as they arrive
·                     Manage planned cooking demonstrations, community education events, music, etc.
·                     Conduct vendor inspections on market day
·                     Collect fees from vendors
·                     Manage credit card transactions and food assistance programs (EBT, WIC, etc.)
·                     Assist with special events
·                     Provide information to patrons visiting the Farmers Market

Start Date:  May 1st

Time Commitment: This is a part-time job. Approx. 8-10 hours per week. Between May 20th and September 30th.  Attendance at Board Meetings is also expected.

Pay rate: Hourly rate of $12.10 (Living Wage Rate for Part-Time Work)

To apply: Send a cover letter and resume:

Manager@petworthmarket.org or

Petworth Community Market
P.O. Box 66154
Washington, DC 20035

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