California: Shasta Farms seeks Pastured Poultry Manager

20 Apr

Shasta Farms is a 10,000-acre organic farm that is building a slaughter facility and group of old-fashioned butcher shops to market its products. 

The Poultry Manager is responsible for the daily operational activities of the multi-species poultry program at Shasta Farms. This position will plan, oversee and participate in the management of all aspects of the poultry production program at Shasta Valley Farm, including:

– Poultry husbandry;
– Egg production;
– Incubation and hatchery;
– Breeding selection;
– Manure management and collection;
– Coordination of transport to proprietary slaughter facility;
– Coordination poultry feeding and water systems;
– Maintenance of livestock housing and equipment:
– Creation and management of production records;
– Maintenance of strict bio-security measures;

This position will be responsible for:
– Ensuring that annual production targets for poultry are met;
– Care, accountability, protection and well-being of all poultry, including but not limited to meat chickens, layer chickens, quail, turkey, squab, geese, rabbits and ducks (see below for information on anticipated poultry numbers at Shasta Valley Farm);
– Upkeep of the fixed and mobile facilities associated with poultry production and animal husbandry.
– Implementing USDA Organic standards, as stipulated in the National Organic Program;
– Hiring, management of and supervision of all poultry personnel including both year-round and seasonal staff.

Recommended skills/experience include:
– Three years livestock/poultry management experience;
– High school diploma/GED required, Bachelors Degree recommended (relevant major encouraged);
– Farm implement operation;
– Spanish language skills;
– Mechanical repair and maintenance;
– Experience in organic animal husbandry and accompanying record keeping;

Total flock will exceed 45,000 by 2016.

– Position reports to the Grain Division Manager,
Please send resume or call Kylan at (530)598-1942

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