San Francisco: Livestock and Pasture Ranch seeks Supervisory Ranch Production Manager

20 Apr

Livestock and Pasture Ranch is seeking a very qualified Supervisory Manager to oversee Properties and Employees in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Innovative and cutting edge ranch/pasture management with an emphasis on local, sustainable, 100% grass fed and pasture raised livestock production. -ONLY VERY QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS ARE TO APPLY- 

Mandatory Qualifications: 

– Valid and Clean Driving Record 

– Spanish Language Fluency 

– Good Physical Health 

– Organized, Scheduled, and Task Oriented 

– Responsible Decision Maker and Problem Solver 

– Able to Work Long Hours 

– Passionate about Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production 

Experience Required:

– Supervisory Management 

– Equipment Operation: Highway Vehicles, Farm Tractors, Off Road Equipment, Construction Equipment & Machines 

– Mechanical: Repairs and Maintenance of Vehicles and Equipment 

Additional Experience of Interest: 

– Welding, Metal Work, and Woodworking 

– Construction: Structural, Plumbing, Electrical, Fencing, Grading, Etc. 

– Domestic Livestock Health and Husbandry: Cattle, Poultry, Sheep, Goats, Swine 

– Natural Resources, Vegetation, Ecological Monitoring 

-Compensation: $40k Annual Salary; Paid Time Off, Health Care Plan, Meat/Food Discounts 

PLEASE SEND RESUME with REFERENCES to; please type “Ranch Manager” in the subject line 

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