Massachusetts: New England Farmers Union seeks Carbon Credit Intern

24 Apr
Work with New England Farmers Union and its Education Foundation, and our project partner Winrock International to develop a greenhouse gas market which credits New England farmers for projects that reduce or sequester carbon. Help us create a market-based incentive encouraging New England farmers to reduce their energy use and adopt beneficial farming practices!! NEFUEF interns can
also share experiences with Farmers Union interns from other chapters around the country via conference calls and emails.
Scope of Work Includes:
1) Research and outreach to perspective carbon offset purchasers including:
• Colleges and universities,
• Socially responsible companies, and
• Utilities.
2) Research selected farming practices and existing carbon crediting protocols for each.
3) Coordinate outreach to eligible farmers with NEFU’s partners throughout the region including:
• USDA / NRCS conservation districts,
• State departments of agriculture,
• Regional resource conservation and development councils,
• State departments of environmental protection,
• Other organizations working on farming and ecosystem service markets.
Hours and Compensation
• Hours per week can vary, but a minimum of 5 would be helpful. Work can be done anywhere, but 2-3 meetings with the NEFUEF supervisor will be necessary, though these can be by phone.
• This can be a one semester internship, or a full year’s internship. Work will be ongoing. Scope of work will be developed with intern and NEFUEF supervisor.
• This is an unpaid internship, but we will work with professors to establish credits.
Send resume and letter to:
NEFU “Buy Local” Carbon Crediting Program
Preserving New England’s Capacity to Feed and Fuel Itself
A grass-roots organization with membership-driven policy, New England Farmers Union (NEFU) works with family farmers,
fishermen, foresters, nurserymen, and consumers in all six New England states. Founded in 2006, NEFU is the youngest charter
member of the National Farmers Union (NFU), a 109-year-old agricultural advocacy organization. NEFUEF is the 501c3 charitable
arm of NEFU. NEFU is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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