Connecticut: Grand Aspirations seeks Participants and Volunteers

28 Apr

In the face of a falling economy, an energy crisis, fragmented and inequitable communities, and the growing threat of global warming, youth are coming together to create and implement solutions that address all of these challenges together.  These are solutionaries – youth leaders who work as innovative organizers across issue lines to build the green economy as an engine for local opportunity, climate and energy solutions, and social justice.

Every summer, youth gather in communities across the nation for the Summer of Solutions – a training ground for its participants and a launching pad for the solutionary vision.  With the support of local partnerships and a national network of fellow solutionaries, participants create self-sustaining projects that have a direct impact on their communities and that serve as models for others to build on.

The Summer of Solutions is a grassroots, volunteer-based, people-powered program, and we rely on people just like you for just about everything – from the project expertise, to the local partnerships, to the financial support for the young people dedicating their summer to build the solutions.

In Summer of Solutions, you will receive training in community organizing and sustainable community development techniques. You will use these skills to demonstrate the promise of energy efficiency, community-based energy, green industry, local food production, and/or smart design as described in the locations you choose.

Beyond the concrete skills you learn, Summer of Solutions will be a really fun community-based experience. It is a great chance to grow with, learn from, and work with other incredible young people and community leaders who are building a better future. Most programs run through the months of June and July, though there is slight variation location to location.

You can participate in the Summer of Solutions at two different levels, both of which use this application: (Complete descriptions are on the next page)

1. Full-time participant – If Summer of Solutions will be your focus for the summer, and you’ll work intensively day-to-day with a team of other leaders. Full-time participants are accountable for regular participation and mutually-defined responsibilities and leadership roles. You’ll live near other participants and participate in mentorship, project management, and team innovation. We will work with those who apply as full-time participants to figure out how to make the summer adequately rewarding for you.

2. Volunteer – If you’ll also have another commitment that will take up a lot of your time this summer- either you’ll only be in the program location for part of the summer or you’ll only be available on a part-time basis throughout the summer.

If you need further information about the Summer of Solutions generally or any of our 15 local programs nationwide, please check out our webpage:

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