Massachusetts: The Heritage Grain Conservancy seeks Interns

28 Apr
The Heritage Grain Conservancy, with sites at the UMass Farm and the Colrain Seed Farm, welcome interns to assist in research and field work. The goal of our project is to trial world landrace grains, especially wheat and rice, and to select and breed varieties to be well adapted to organic farms in New England, with stable yields in climate change weather extremes, with rich flavor, nutritional value.  Responsibilities include helping with:

–  practical field work, 
–  recording evaluation and harvest yield data, 
–  selecting and saving seeds of the most robust plants in the field trials
–  threshing with a pedal thresher, or be hand
–  baking trials to evaluate gluten strength, loaf volume, crumb texture, aroma and flavor.

This position is for 20 to 25 hours per week, flexible hours, beginning in early July when the wheat plants are ready for harvest until the harvest is complete in early August. Assistance in planting the fall wheats in the first week in September would also be great.

Contact Eli Rogosa:
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