SFJ responds to recent unpaid internship criticism

8 May

Lately, many of you have been speaking out against unpaid internships. We hear you and we understand. We know the feeling. The elation of finding the perfect job opportunity, the excitement as you read the job description… and then the disappointment to find out that it is an unpaid position. For many people – including those at SFJ – unpaid internships are just not economically feasible. However, some organizations and farms see these unpaid internships as crucial stepping stones in their hiring process or organizational structure. SFJ respects all of your diverse opinions on this increasingly sensitive topic. Please remember that we are just the messenger on these opportunities. Also, please remember that the majority of our postings actually are paid. When you do out the math – easy math, we promise – only 118 opportunities out of 1,214 are unpaid, as of today. This is less than 10%, with most of these being part-time and geared towards college students who seek for-credit internship opportunities. We appreciate your feedback. Happy job hunting!

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