DC and Boston: Campus Kitchens Project seeks Summer VISTA Associates

16 May
The New York City Coalition Against Hunger, representing NYC’s more than 1,200 food pantries and soup kitchens, just launched a multi-state VISTA Project in conjunction with some of the nation’s most innovate and effective anti-hunger/poverty organizations. The Corps conducts technical assistance and benefits outreach to address short-term food needs while working to alleviate the long-term poverty that causes hunger, in order to help low-income families move “beyond the soup kitchen” towards greater economic self-sufficiency. 

DC Central Kitchen and the Campus Kitchens Project are looking for two summer associates – one in DC and another in Boston, MA.  Summer associates will help low-income families access Summer Meals, Community Supported Agriculture projects and Farmer’s Markets, and on gardening initiatives.  The term of service is June 22 – August 16, 2011.   

Member Criteria:

  • Associates must be at least 18 years of age at the time of placement (June 8)
  • Associates must serve on a full-time basis during the project period
  • Associates may not have outside employment during the project period
  • Associates must not be listed on the National Sex Offenders Public Registry 

Terms and Conditions include:

  • No outside employment
  • Enrollment in classes equivalent to 6 credit hours requires approval from program coordinator;  greater than 6 credit hours not permitted
  • Governed by the Hatch Act and other legislative pieces applicable to AmeriCorps VISTA members pertaining to political, labor and religious activities
  • Must work a minimum of 40 hours per week for entire duration of the eight week program.

AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate member Benefits:

  • A living allowance for the time served, which is equal to the amount received by full-year members serving in the same area
  • A $1,174.60 Eli Segal AmeriCorps Education Award from the National Service Trust, OR a $125/month summer stipend to be paid after successful completion of the program
    • To determine end of service summer stipend, see calculations below.
      • $125 x 12 months = $1,500.00 for a full year
      • $1,500/365 days = $4.11 per day
      • $4.11 x days served = amount member to receive at end of service
        • $4.11 x 56 days (8 weeks) = $230.16  OR  $4.11 x 70 days (10 weeks) = $287.70
  • Associates are eligible for Worker’s Compensation under the Federal Employee Compensation and Federal Tort Claims Acts.
  • The Income Disregard provisions apply to any Associate who receives government benefits.

Associates do not receive:

  • Health care
  • Life insurance
  • Child care allowances
  • Relocation allowances
  • Sick or personal/vacation time – holidays are allowable as days off

To Enroll for the DC Central Kitchen (Washington, DC) or Campus Kitchens Project (Boston, MA) positions, please visit https://my.americorps.gov/mp/listing/viewListing.do?fromSearch=true&id=40775

Applications will not be accepted later than June 27, 2011.

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