Washington State: The Herbfarm seeks Sommelier

16 May
Join The Herbfarm as a Sommelier at one of America’s premier restaurants with one of the top wine programs. You’ll be on the floor for service Thursday through Sunday during our nine-course seasonally and regionally influenced tasting menus that have been paired with 6 Northwest wines. As a key staff member on the wine team of one of America’s most-visible destination restaurants, it is The Herbfarm’s goal that its sommeliers achieve national recognition and awards. The Herbfarm will support and promote these efforts.


Currently many of these tasks/roles are performed by various members of the wine team.


Reports to Carrie Van Dyck, GM and Ron Zimmerman, Wine Director (also owners of The Herbfarm) and working closely with Michael Kaminski, Sommelier,

Ron and Carrie are also proprietors of The Herbfarm Restaurant

Beverage Selection

• As part of wine team,

      • recommends wine pairings for each day’s menu-from cellar and/or purveyors
      • recommends wine for replacement /addition to The Herbfarm’s list and inventory
      • recommends and maintains inventory for glass pours and samplers
      • recommends wine pairings for each day’s menu-from cellar and/or purveyors
      • recommends and maintains inventory for beer, water, herbal non-alcoholic beverages
      • recommends tea/coffee selections for guest menus

• Attends weekly wine team meetings on “prep day”

Nightly Service and Prep (with co-sommelier)

• Takes lead in retaining Herbfarm 5-Diamond service rating

• Assists general service when possible by helping serve and present food, remove plates/silver/glassware, as well as refreshing napkins

• Pulls and prepares wine before dinner, bringing each wine to the proper serving temperature

• Opens (and decants) wine

• Insures that each bottle is sound.

• Educates staff in nightly, pre-dinner meeting of changes & updates of served wines

• As needed (back up) presents nightly menu talk to guests with chef in front of dining room

• Management of beer

• Management of herbal, non-alcoholic beverages including bottled waters

• Discusses beverages with guests

• Assists guests to make additional beverage selections

• Presents, opens, serves wine table-side for bottle sales

• Manages sales tracking to be sure all extra beverages served (incl comps) are in POS

• Closing responsibilities for restaurant 2-3 nights per week

• Maintain clean, tidy working environment

Beverage Inventory Management

• Assists in maintenance and inventory/location of 25,000 bottle cellar

• Responsible for accurately receiving wine

• Assists in managing pricing and re-pricing of wine in guest wine lists

• Shares responsibility for nightly and weekly breakage report

• Maintains an attractive cellar

• Assists in inventory management of wine and supplies for samplers, glass list, etc

• Assists in monthly tabletop (glassware) inventory close to 1st of each month.

Beverage Sales

• Responds in thymely manner to guest beverage inquiries via email, phone or in person

• Supports retail sales of bottles–silent salesman in wine cellar displays

• Support Ron with descriptions for nightly Wine Tales, new samplers, glass pours

• Always conscious of potential for additional sales opportunities without losing the “we’ll take care of you feel”

Staff Education

• Works w/co-sommelier to increase staff education through daily line-ups and after dinner tastings

• Assists in twice annual all-staff education

• Assists in service staff development and continual service improvement

Public Relations and Professional Exposure

• As a key staff member on the wine team of one of America’s most-visible destination restaurants, it is The Herbfarm’s goal that its sommeliers achieve national recognition and awards. The Herbfarm will support and promote these efforts within reason with advance planning

• Maintain and develop professional business relationships with local winemakers

• Represent The Herbfarm at trade and consumer tastings in a professional manner

• Represent The Herbfarm at promotional events

• Develop and grow The Herbfarm’s public representation in a positive way

Personal Education

• Continues with formal wine education through classes, tasting group study, and certification

• Focus on local and regional wines as well as wines of the world

• Extensive knowledge of the world’s wines with particular emphasis on the wines of the Pacific Northwest; including but not limited to northern Italy, Rhone, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, California, Australia, and New Zealand, and the rest of the United States

•  Formal wine education:

Certified by Court of Master Sommeliers OR

ISG levels 1 and 2

• At least 3 years professional wine service experience

• Willingness to help in all front of house facets of restaurant operations-3 years hands-on experience at least (2-3 weeks FOH training prior to fully assuming sommelier duties)

• Capable public speaking abilities

• Able to share passion and enthusiasm for wine with down-to-earth openness without alienating beginners while capturing the interest of experienced wine folk

• Team player and communicator

• Willing to assume leadership responsibilities as appropriate

• Superior command of English

• Good posture, body language, personal grooming, and steady hands

• Pleasant personality with a winning smile

• Stamina and the ability to be on one’s feet for 10 hours (with the pleasant attitude above)

• Able to move cases of wine to and from dining room and storage and delivery


• Generally Thursday through Sunday service

• Typically 4 evenings per week, plus one daytime inventory/preparation (generally Wednesdays)

• Slow nights, extra service nights salaried folks step up before hourly folks

• Approximate 40-50 hours per week schedule is prepared a month in advance

• Closing responsibilities 2-3 nights per week (2am finish Th-Sat)

• Currently The Herbfarm is closed for vacation one week in March

• Salaried at a competitive rate.
BENEFITS (details in Employee Handbook)

• Health Insurance- medical, dental and vision paid 50% by The Herbfarm after 3 months

• Paid Vacation: 2 weeks per year. Vacation increases to 3 weeks per year after 5 years employment

• Good Health days-maximum two per year–paid days off for being healthy

• Wine-Travel Education (after being here 6 months): By advance scheduling and approval to further your wine knowledge. Your written report will be shared with the rest of the staff

• Dining Education: Up to $1,000 reimbursement per year for dining at mutually agreed upon restaurants. The dining benefit is contingent on a written report of the experience (required for reimbursement), which will be shared with The Herbfarm staff

• Participation in the annual Wine/Food education 3 day annual trip

• Participation in employer matched 401K plan after one year of service

At the end of ONE MONTH

• Be on time

• Follow through on promises with co-workers and guests

• Be honest and ethical in all dealings

• Be working with Wine Team to select wines for the week’s menu

• Be working with Wine Team each week for receiving/inventory control/organization of cellar

• Be able to find wine in the cellar

• Familiar with current non-alcoholic program/ingredients/sources/inventory

• Conversant with guests about wines we are serving each night

• Familiar with dining room handbook

• Able to serve, clear, explain courses to guests

• Comfortable using office computers

At the end of 3 MONTHS

• Be able to setup wine for service with little direction

• Meet with wine reps with Wine Team for wine sampling

• Manage weekly inventory stuff–sampler supplies, wine by glass inventory, weekly usage, receiving and storing wine deliveries.

• Be fully aware of menus and changes that affect wine matching

• Have strong knowledge of many Woodinville wineries

• Be developing knowledge of all the Pacific Northwest wine regions

• Share information about matched wines with service staff weekly/nightly

• Understand the details of FOH dining room service, able to fill in as needed

• Familiar with all existing samplers, wine by glass

• Be exploring new samplers

• Be conversant with guests/staff about most of our NW wines on a down-to-earth level

• Be comfortable in pre-dinner chef/sommelier menu talk during service

• Thoroughly understand details of server job including prep day tasks

• Familiar with computer network programs and files

At the end of 6 MONTHS

• Be conversant with guests/staff about most of the wines on our list

• Come up with promotional ideas with wine team and set them in motion

• Support keeping wine hall signed, stocked, and inviting for shoppers

• Be able to order wines and work with purveyors to get wine for restaurant

• Have full knowledge of most Woodinville wineries

• Be able to take a reservation

• Familiar with wine inventory spreadsheet

• Involved in regular maintenance of pricing in guests wine lists as compared to wine costs

At the end of 1 YEAR

• Demonstrate increase in wine sales over previous quarters

• Have full knowledge of most Pacific Northwest wineries

To apply, please e-mail: jobs@theherbfarm.com

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