New York State: Greenhorns seeks Administrative/Executive Assistant to the Director

17 May

Greenhorns is a non-profit that serves young farmers in America. The work we do is community organizing, cultural programming, advocacy and multi-media production (radio, video, blog, events, workshops, online mapping, technology sharing, presentations, publications) with many collaborators with many different skillsets spread out over the country. It is a dynamic young organization (now it its 4th year) that takes on a lot. Last year we organized 37 mixers for young farmers in 13 states.

We need you to be: supremely organized and self motivated, a great writer and typer, nimble with limited resources, sensible, positive, good sense of (driving) direction, able to hustle!, able to set up functional systems shared by dozens of online partners, quick at the trot and strong in the back. We need you to enjoy a party, arrange flowers, chop vegetables, tidy up after yourself and make small talk. We need you to be fiercely principled with genuine interest in restoring the culture of agriculture, and doing the unglamourous work, holding space for the professional bravery of others.

We would love if you are already literate in the issues + topics of sustainable agriculture, but frankly if you are already literate in administration of non profits we are happy to teach you about agriculture.

The Greenhorns’ director, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, needs help in our farm-based office, and on frequent missions into the city + into the countryside for events. She works part time as a farm manager in the hudson valley and spends most of her time in the countryside.

Sample of workload:

– Organizing + reorganizing files, drives, mailings, library, archives

– Setting up the new office

– Scheduling Severine’s appointments, responding to email, mapping routes of missions and accompanying in the car on missions

– Scanning, retrieving and using computer data

– Proofing documents, managing the printer, writing press releases, sorting photographs, updating websites, posting blogs, fielding inquiries, bookkeeping triage, managing publications and merchandise inventory, server updates, mini research projects

– Running errands (Driving) on and off the farm,  hauling gear around the city, fetching hard drives, scheduling travel and conference ititernaries.

Managing details, loose ends, cleanup projects and various assignments for both Greenhorns and Severine.

We keep trying to hire someone for this job, they keep moving on to managing other parts of the greenhorns project. What we really need is someone who LOVES this part of the work is solid, trustworthy, intuitive and ninja at administration work, who is happy to be stimulated + with long lists to knock out on a project of moving parts and whirring gearboxes.

Strong computer skills and an even temperament are necessary.

We use Google docs, scanning softwares, final cut pro, mac computers, filemaker pro, facebook, flkr, twitter, wordpress, adobe, excel, word, photoshop. You should know these and be good at computers, good at ninja tricks with servers.

Severine has a finger in many pots, sits on boards, advises and consults, give talks + powerpoints, organizes conferences, farms and travels and speaks and produces materials in almost every media format. She sometimes needs lots of support even on weekends. We can be flexible, but so should you.

This job is as an independent contractor working for Greenhorns with a salary of 30k. We require a month paid trial, and are willing to negotiate for a pay raise after 6 months if it works out. You should also know that you will be fed well, have access to a wonderful agricultural library + many farming experiences + adventures. You will work hard but it will not be boring. In all likelihood you will want to live in our town in the Hudson Valley of New York and have a car. It is possible that you live in the city and commute up here for a few days per week — this has to be discussed.

Please send complete resume, 3 references with email and phone, a letter of interest with relevant expertise (computers, attitude description, work style, literacy of ag, etc.) to

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