Massachusetts: Bon Me Food Truck seeks Cook and Truck Worker

19 May

Are you interested in being on the culinary cutting edge but don’t want to be penned up in a restaurant?  Bring your talent to Bon Me! Bon Me is a proud winner of the City of Boston’s Food Truck Challenge, and we will be serving up gourmet inspired Vietnamese food at City Hall Plaza starting in April. Our Executive Chef trained at the Culinary Institute of America and top restaurants in NYC and Boston, and she has developed an innovative menu that highlights bright, fresh, local, seasonal flavors.

We’ve been open for 7 weeks, and we are seeking motivated, hard-working, and detail-oriented staff to help us increase our hours and offerings.  The position will be part-time with the opportunity to grow with the company.  Restaurant or food service experience is a plus, but we are willing to train the right person.  Here is a brief rundown of the positions we’re looking to fill:

We’re looking for someone with a couple years of professional cooking experience to work on the culinary side of our operation. You would work 15-20 hours a week at our kitchen in Malden and possibly some on our truck. At the kitchen, you would get to work directly with our chef while helping to produce all of our food. There is a lot of knife work and sauce making involved in producing our inspired Vietnamese food. You must have the ability to multi-task, follow recipes precisely, and work independently. On the truck you would help assemble orders in a fast-paced environment. We’d look for you to be particularly attuned to food quality, making sure that the food produced on the truck is as high quality as in the kitchen. This is an exciting job for someone with a lot of energy, who is pro-active, and is interested in seeing a start-up company grow.

Pay $9-11/hour depending on experience, with the possibility of OT on Sundays and tips from our tip jar when you work on the truck.

Truck worker:
We are looking for an extremely friendly and organized person to work on our truck. This is an exciting, fast-paced, and very social job. We’re looking for someone with excellent customer-service skills, but you’d also get to work all the food assembly stations as well.  At the counter, you need to be very friendly and inviting while taking orders and selling our drinks & sides. Gracious customer service is necessary with every single customer under every circumstance. You’ll need to be able to remember our regulars and chat with customers during slower times, and take orders quickly and efficiently during faster times. You’ll need to communicate well with the kitchen and adjust the pace of your work depending on how busy we are and how quickly the kitchen is running. Also, you should be able to do basic math quickly and accurately (adding up the check). While doing food assembly, we’d expect you to be good with your hands, efficient, and detail oriented. Hours will depend on our business growth, but we’re looking to fill 15-20 per week to start.

Pay $8.50 an hour to start, plus tips from the tip jar.

For more info or to submit an application, please email

To learn more about Bon Me, please check out our website at:

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