Oregon: Dora’s Garden seeks Year-round Farmhand

23 May

Dora’s Garden is a small producer in Union, Oregon, providing seasonal produce to the local restaurants and grocery store.  Union has a population of approximately 2,000.  The farmhand is required to live in a tiny cottage on site, next to a lovely stream.

Duties:  Digging, hoeing, raking, hand-pulling weeds, planting seeds, setting out starts, irrigating, planting trees, cleaning up debris, harvesting, feeding goats and poultry, gathering eggs, bookkeeping, record keeping, delivering produce, moving field irrigation line, operating irrigation pump

Required qualifications: At least 18 years of age; driver’s license; commitment to living and farming sustainably; gardening experience; deep appreciation of real food; ability to distinguish produce from weeds; intellectual curiosity about the natural world; patience necessary to perform all tasks with care; comfort around small goats, poultry, cats and dogs; natural inclination to work hard

Desirable, but not required, qualifications:  Mechanical skills; experience trimming goat hooves and giving inoculations; experience raising poultry; sustainable agriculture background; ability to drive vehicle with standard transmission

Pay:  The farmhand is paid $10 per hour of work.  He/she is required to live in the tiny cottage on site, furnished with kitchen range, refrigerator, washing machine and chest freezer.  (Farmhand pays for own utilities.)  He/she receives fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers raised on the farm, subject to availability after orders are filled.

Work schedule: May through October, the farmhand can expect to work 35 to 40 hours per week.  November through March the workload is greatly decreased.  In the dead of winter, feeding the animals is the primary task.  The farmhand and owner work out scheduling to cover for each other.  If the farmhand has other obligations, such as a second part-time job or attending classes at Eastern Oregon University, scheduling might be worked out.

Application:  To obtain an application, contact Susan Boyd,  boyd@eoni.com or P O Box 6, Union, OR 97883.

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