California: MUSE School seeks Garden Educator and Manager

24 May
This is a full time position.  The Garden Educator and Manager will oversee all aspects of the MUSE Garden Program.  The Garden Educator and Manager will be responsible for planting and caring for the vegetable and native species gardens with children; planting and caring for a production garden and greenhouse; maintaining a kitchen/garden classroom; developing garden, nutrition, garden to plate, and food literacy curriculum that is MUSE standards based; acting as an on-site naturalist; helping develop teamwork, responsibility, and organization with groups of students through garden activities and maintenance; communicating with MUSE staff on a weekly basis; and being an integral part of the MUSE community.  

RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to:

Teaching, Lesson Development, and Documentation

v       Design and conduct daily garden and/or kitchen classes

v       Guide students through propagation, planting, cultivation, and maintenance of the garden

v       Organize, set up, and break down all garden lessons

v       Mentor individual students in and out of class, model respect, curiosity for learning and encourage students’ interests and talents

v       Coordinate informal education opportunities including: assemblies that highlight the project, noontime work days in the garden with snacking/simple cooking, parent education, garden work days, field trips, and cooking events

v       Create garden, nutrition, garden to plate, and food literacy based lessons and activities that are integrated into classroom teaching and the MUSE standards

v       Maintain a yearly list of garden highlights to contribute to annual reporting and history section of website

v       Participate in ongoing documentation of children’s projects through photographs, transcriptions of children’s words, and display panels

v       Support the Reggio Emilia philosophy of the school


v       Manage propagation and greenhouse work, soil fertility, composting, crop rotation, garden planning, pruning, irrigation, organic pest and disease control, and animal husbandry

v       Ensure and oversee planting, cultivation, and maintenance of children’s and production gardens

v       Manage the gardens at a level of production that ensures as much produce as possible for the MUSE cafeteria

v       Coordinate weekly with MUSE chef for vegetable contributions to school lunch and snacks

v       Maintain garden maps and harvest sheets

v       Oversee seed ordering, soliciting seed donations, and organization of seed library

v       Manage maintenance of garden facilities and equipment

v       Coordinate and manage volunteers as needed

Communication and Outreach

v       Uphold and model values that are consistent with the mission, vision, beliefs and values of MUSE School

v       Represent MUSE Garden program to the wider community to include public speaking, attendance and/or participation in related meetings or conferences

v       Maintain healthy relationships with MUSE staff, as well as the extended community of parents, neighbors, and other school garden educators

v       Stay abreast of MUSE events and activities; be an active presence in the school community

v       Participate in MUSE staff meetings and program development meetings

v       Maintain awareness of school, individual, and media visits

v       Liaise with MUSE teachers regarding curriculum and lesson planning, including follow up

v       Oversee organization of MUSE Garden workdays

General Administration

v       Communicate regularly with MUSE staff

v       Attend weekly staff meetings and any other meetings as appropriate

v       Report to Head of School and work closely with the Executive Chef

v       Facilitate regular kitchen staff meetings to identify and prioritize kitchen maintenance, class preparation, and other relevant tasks as related to the garden program

v       Serve as a liaison between the garden and local farmers, surrounding community, and MUSE Garden Program

v       Maintain a working knowledge of the garden budget and budget management

v       Prepare all documentation and maintain required records

v       Work closely with MUSE staff in the ongoing evolution of garden program goals

v       Assist Grant Writing team as needed

v       Perform other related duties as assigned


v       Bachelor’s degree

v       A minimum of 2 years experience teaching youth (ages 3-11), including a familiarity with the Reggio Emilia philosophy.  Ability to supervise and engage preK-5th grade students in a kitchen and garden setting.  Inspired to create food and garden based lessons/activities (experience developing curricula a plus).

v       A minimum of 3 years experience with organic gardening/farming, organic horticulture, permaculture, or equivalent.  Ability to care for a diverse array of plantings including annuals and perennials, food and native plants.

v       Working knowledge of chicken and goat care.

v       Highly creative with a flexible approach to teaching.

v       Ability to organize work and to function independently.

v       Excellent interpersonal skills.  Ability to work with children and staff from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

v       Excellent written & oral communication skills (Bilingualism & grant writing a plus).

v       Self-starter and motivated to help design and implement an innovative garden program.

v       Experience managing a budget.

v       An ability to work outdoors in a physically demanding environment.

v       Highly organized and able to manage multiple responsibilities.

v       Excellent computer literacy.

v       Experience with bee keeping and/or minor carpentry skills a plus.

Position Information

Salary:  $18-25 per hour (Based on experience)
Hours: Full time

Location: MUSE School- Malibu Canyon, CA

Start Date: early July

TO APPLY:  Please email a cover letter detailing your interest in this position and a current resume; subject: GEM position

Application Deadline: June 3, 2011

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