Massachusetts: Cambridge Farmers Markets seeks Volunteer Coordinator

26 May

Cambridge Farmers Markets is an association of three, well-established rapidly growing farmers’ markets in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
We operate every weekend from late May to early November.
We are operate in two locations, three days a week: Friday Saturday and Sundays.
Our 2011 season has just begun!

Our mission is to create greater economic opportunities for farmers in and around the City of Cambridge. We ‘ve been listening to our customers!  This year our farmers are bringing their ‘A’ game to all of the markets to offer a stunning variety of choice, New England farm foods never seen together in one place, before!
As markets we’re also cultivating and strengthening our relationships within our host Community, to increase access for more people to have access to fresh, healthy food.  We see our markets as potential urban distribution points for restaurants and people of all levels of income. We are committed to rebuilding local food supplies as part of a creating and maintaining vibrant, healthy community.

We’re set to leap some tall buildings in 2011 (!)  We are looking for an experienced volunteer coordinator.
The ideal CFM’s Volunteer Coordinator candidate will:

  •  Have a minimum of 2 years (total) experience guiding and supporting volunteers in an organizational setting
  • Provide information, co-ordination, logistic support & follow up to CFMs volunteer base so they can be effective either ‘in the field’ at the farmers markets, or from remote locations completing communication assignments and social media tasks, as needed
  • Will report to and work closely with the ‘CPO’ (Chief Programing Officer)/ Program Manger to define volunteer work tasks in accordance with the Mission of Cambridge Farmers’ Markets
  • Will assist the Information Specialist and Internet Architect in deploying & co-ordinating website with other events & orgaizations
  •  Will assist the CPO in scheduling interactive, educational food and agricultural displays for the 3 farmers markets.

We need a highly organized person who can ‘see the big picture,’ work independently under the direct supervision of the CPO of CFMs to create weekly list of market objectives and then execute that list using the talent pool available.
Do you inspire and lead others?
Are you capable of turning ideas into action ?   We ‘ve got a fantastic, hands on, inside- the- world- of -farmers markets opportunity for the right person. We’ve got the vision and the action plan developed, what we need is someone to come in and help us direct the workforce which will turn the vision into a reality.

Among our gains, goals and initiatives for this season:

  •  Introducing EBT and debit card capability in all three markets by way of pilot program designed to be a model for other farmers markets and which will be financially sustainable over time with out relying on grant funding.                                                                                                                                                                    
  •  Launching a Cambridge Farmers’ Markets website this summer
  • Launching Ball Canning Education Program: (We are honored to be one of of fifty farmers markets in the USA  for 2011 to be designated as a  Canning Teaching Center by Jardin Foods and Ball Canning Equipment. In keeping with our interactive food/ agricultural teaching mission we will be teaching folks to preserve the food from the farms right in the markets(!)
  • Teaching  & Mentoring future farmers market mangers
  • Connecting with the larger community through Social Media and events
  • Launching outreach for restaurant pick ups at markets

Please contact Joan Squeri, Chief Programming Officer  Cambridge Farmers Markets at:

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