Oregon: OMRI seeks Product Review Coordinator

26 May

About OMRI

We are a growing nonprofit organization working to strengthen the organic industry. OMRI runs an internationally recognized evaluation program for material inputs used in organic agriculture and food processing. Also, the organization operates a valuable information service, which distributes lists of products and materials suitable for use in USDA certified organic production. 

Overview of position

We are looking to fill a key position on our team. The primary responsibility of this position is to review applications and assist in the product review program. The review program assesses which input products or ingredients are allowed for use in organic agriculture and food processing. 

Qualified candidates for this coordinator position will have some background in agricultural, biological, chemical or food science with knowledge of regulatory policy, project coordination, the organic industry, and organic certification.

Major responsibilities

  • Participate in on-going work of the OMRI Product Review Program.
  • Coordinate technical and regulatory review of product applications, labels, and supplementary information.
  • Thoroughly understand and implement OMRI policies and review criteria.
  • Facilitate customer service and correspondence with special attention to applicants whose applications are difficult or complex.
  • Stay informed of new developments in applicable regulations and official interpretations of organic standards and regulatory compliance.
  • Data entry of product application information into database.
  • Review product applications and coordinate preparation of Findings of Fact for further review by OMRI staff and the independent OMRI Review Panels.
  • Coordinate preparations for, and execution of, OMRI Review Panel meetings, and provide clarification of the Findings of Fact as needed.
  • In consultation with the Program Director and/or the Executive Director, identify issues for consideration by OMRI Review Panels and/or Advisory Council.
  • Handle confidential business information.
  • Manage complaints and compliance issues including OMRI seal misuse.
  • Maintain OMRI Listed® product hard copy and electronic files.
  • Participate in development of new application procedures and forms, including web-based applications.
  • Represent OMRI at conferences and tradeshows of appropriate technical societies and trade associations.
  • Regular administrative duties including: monthly staff reports, staff meetings, etc. 


  • Outstanding customer service skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks and organize information.
  • Passion for organic food and farming.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Familiarity with MS Office, including Access databases.
  • BS in agriculture, biology, chemistry or food science. Those with significant related work experience also encouraged to apply.

Desired qualifications

  • Two or more years of project coordination.
  • Experience in sustainable agriculture and/or natural food processing.
  • Experience handling confidential business information.
  • Knowledge of organic industry and applicable regulations.
  • Work in organic certification or similar experience.
  • Familiarity with standardized procedures such as ISO 65.
  • Spanish or French fluency in writing and speaking preferred. Other languages may be considered.


  • Full-time position with competitive salary ($30-33,000) and benefits (Medical, Dental, and Vision).
  • Small nonprofit organization with established team and demonstrated commercial success.
  • Opportunities for training and coursework.
  • Possible travel.
  • Casual, fun work environment.


June 17, 2011, 5pm PST

 How to apply

SEE: http://www.omri.org/jobs/product-review-coordinator

Send your resume (or CV), cover letter, and a copy of a completed OMRI Application Form in English to: job@omri.org.
Or, you may mail your resume (or CV), cover letter, and application to: OMRI, Attn: Product Review Coordinator Position, PO Box 11558, Eugene, OR 97440.

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