Oklahoma: Shepherd’s Cross, Inc. and Heart of the Shepherd, Inc. seeks Interns

29 May

Shepherd’s Cross, Inc & Heart of the Shepherd, Inc, owned by Mr. Peter and Dr. Diane Dickinson (a licensed veterinarian) is a sustainable farm that is in the process of becoming animal-welfare certified.  Situated on 80-acres, sheep are raised for wool and meat.  There are other farm animals to care for as well.  It is also a ‘Made in Oklahoma’ company, and member of the Oklahoma Food Coop.  Heart of the Shepherd is the non-profit Christian mission that does the Bible studies, mission support, etc.

We are seeking interns for Shepherd’s Cross Inc. (sheep farm) and Heart of the Shepherd Inc. (Christian mission). There are 3-month or 6-month internships available, full-time or part-time; no benefits, Sundays off.  Internships may be tailored to meet the needs of the individual (job, school) and/or farm.  This job involves DAILY, outdoor physical labor – interns must be in good health and able to handle heat and/or cold.  This is a working farm, so hours vary seasonally, and will NOT be 8-5.  Dr. Dickinson can work with the requirements for college credit internships.  Heart of the Shepherd, Inc is non-profit, so internships can count as volunteer hours.

A small monthly stipend is available.

Includes one meal a day excluding Sunday, plus any farm produce desired.

Full-time interns may have the option to live on-site.

Learn sustainable agriculture and shepherding techniques and how they apply to biblical principles. Responsibilities vary according to the season, but would include such things as shepherding the sheep flock, caring for sheep during lambing and other basic animal husbandry responsibilities; fence maintenance, mowing, haying, pecan harvesting, gardening; wool processing, tour guide and instructor.

Please email resumes to sheepfarm@shepherdscross.com.

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