California: Real Food Challenge seeks Grassroots Leaders

11 Jun

Up to 30 student teams around the country will join the new Grassroots Leaders Project for the 2011-2012 school year.  Anyone who is  serious about making real change on his or her campus in California &  has demonstrated an ability to do so is encouraged to apply!

 To apply, fill out this application and send to, along with a current resume by June 25th.
What you’ll do:

  • **Lead an ambitious real food campaign on your campus**
  • Participate in a National Working Group—collaborating with other student leaders across the country on topics of interest
  • Participate in a Regional Leadership Team—contributing to local event planning and outreach to student groups at nearby schools
  • Identify campus funding sources to support student programming and real food activities

All Grassroots Leaders will receive:

  • Attendance at a Summer Regional Leadership Institute
  • Support developing and implementing a real food campaign plan
  • Possible travel opportunities to national and regional conferences
  • Recognition in local and national media
  • Connection, mentorship, and collaboration with a community of leaders

You’ll be a good candidate if you are:

  • Self-motivated and eager to make real change for real food on your campus
  • Committed to economic justice, anti-racism, student power and contributing to a movement
  • Passionate about sustainable food issues and food justice
  • Willing to learn, be flexible, and be constructively critical of yourself and others
  • Excited to actively contribute to the Grassroots Leaders community
  • Note: Each team may consist of 1-3 members, with one person serving as point for the team

Is it a good match for you?  Applicants will be chosen based on:

  • An Ambitious Goal: Does your team have a bold campaign to change their campus food system?  Do they have commitment and time to see it through?
  • Leadership Team: Do you have a strong group of student leaders driving forward the real food campaign on your campus?
  • Community Support: Does your team have the support of at least 1 sponsoring faculty member or staff person and at least 2 outside student activists/community leaders (we can assist you in identifying allies)?
  • Growth Potential: Do you have room to learn and develop your own leadership by being a part of the Grassroots Leaders Project?
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