Belize: Machaca Farms seeks Commercial Agriculture Manager

17 Jun
Machaca Farms in the Toledo District of Belize is seeking an individual for the role of Commercial Agriculture Manager to oversee our farming operations. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Day-to-day management of commercial operations in cacao (up to 3,000 acres), vanilla (up to 10 acres), coffee (up to 60 acres), and sugarcane
  • Staff (agricultural labor) recruitment, training, supervision, and oversight of planting and maintenance activities
  • Develop and manage commercial farm budget in close collaboration with the parent company CFO
  • Engage with external advisors in gaining expertise and developing all protocols for specific crops in the commercial agriculture program;
  • Assist in sourcing and developing seedlings and genetic material
  • Agricultural research, as required
  • May be required to perform manual labor during busy season

Key Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of the land and agricultural practices
  • Significant experience working with commercial farm operations
  • Prior experience with all crops to be cultivated preferred;
  • Experience in Belizean agriculture and relationships within the Belizean agricultural community preferred;
  • Knowledge of organic agriculture practices;
  • Organizational and team building & management skills;
  • Farm equipment operational skills;
  • Basic knowledge of human resource and financial aspects of agriculture
  • Ability to work independently and be comfortable working long, non-traditional hours, particularly during peak season
  • Familiarity with Excel, Word, Powerpoint;
  • Fluency in English and Spanish

Educational  Requirements

  • Degree from a formal education program at an accredited agriculture school, majoring in agricultural management or related field of study, or training in all technical aspects of agriculture including annual and perennial cropping systems

All qualified individuals are invited to send resumes via email to Anjali Oberoi ( – applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

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