California: YU Eat Cafe and Catering seeks Social Enterprise Manager

17 Jun
Reports To: Social Enterprise Director

Compensation: Full-time. Competitive, commensurate with experience. Full benefits.

About Youth Uprising

In just a few years since it’s opening in 2005, Youth Uprising (YU) has gone from a barebones operation to a bustling, 25,000-square-foot, high-tech youth leadership development center. 

YU serves Alameda County residents between the ages of 13 and 24 – primarily youth of color from low-income neighborhoods in East Oakland where the center is located.  Through innovative, culturally relevant programming in the areas of Media and Performing Arts, Education and Career Development, Social Enterprise, Peace Making, and Health and Wellness, YU attracts an astounding and ever-expanding membership of over 4000 youth. 

YU envisions community transformation driven by investments in youth and young adults that result in the personal, social and economic transformation of all residents.

YU exists to build healthy, economically robust communities in East Oakland and the surrounding county, creating social change by harnessing the leadership of young people through consciousness raising, personal transformation, hard skill cultivation and leadership development. 

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The Opportunity

Youth Uprising offers the successful YU Eats Café and Catering Social Enterprise Manager (YEM) an opportunity to join a dynamic organization with a compelling mission and a successful track record of attracting, engaging and serving a high-risk population in strategies for personal, professional and community transformation.

In joining YU’s staff, the YEM will become part of a high-performing, warm, diverse team that includes people indigenous to the community, those who are deeply committed to social change, and youth within our target population who help to keep the organization attuned to the current realities of youth culture. 

The new YEM will be positioned for success and ongoing professional growth, as YU develops the programs and practices that will position us to become a national leader in youth leadership development and urban community transformation. 

YU Eat Café and Catering Social Enterprise Manager – Position Summary

Youth Uprising seeks a mature, focused, high-energy YU Eat Café and Catering Social Enterprise Manager (YEM) to strengthen and develop YU’s Corner’s Café and Catering Business, further positioning Youth Uprising as a leader in the field of youth leadership development and urban community transformation. 

The YEM is responsible for (1) leading a healthy and sustainable green business, (2) serving as a training manager, providing professional development and job opportunities for young people through the social enterprise and then facilitating external job placements for trained and qualified workers, and (3) developing partnerships that expand the business and offer additional resources to the community.

The YEM reports to the Social Enterprise Director and works as part of a passionate and strategic team. The YEM trains and supervises the Café and Catering staff and oversees all aspects of operations. 

Successful candidates will be self-motivated with experience and skills in youth development and the food industry, and the ability to work effectively within a context that requires flexibility, a sense of humor and capacity to flourish in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.  This leadership position requires someone whose passion for Youth Uprising’s vision is matched with creative leadership and the ability to motivate others to ensure the success of the YU Eat enterprise and the organization as a whole.

Primary Responsibilities


  • Oversee implementation of a strategic direction that enables the YU Eat Corner’s Café and Catering Business to expand its capacity to provide affordable, delicious, healthy food through a sustainable, cost-effective, green business model which develops the professional and leadership skills of youth employees.  Ensure that outcomes are aligned with YU’s vision and mission. 
  • Lead professional development strategies for Café and Catering staff and interns, including developing and leading training on all aspects of restaurant work.
  • Support the Café and Catering staff in developing and implementing YU member engagement strategies to cultivate healthy eating habits (nutrition education, culinary arts), develop job skills (catering), and provide YU volunteer opportunities (Café outreach) and education (re locally grown food).  Evaluate YU Eat programming to ensure mission alignment.
  • Establish and implement marketing and sales strategies that generate income for YU Eat and enable YU Eats to cover the cost of operations. Develop and engage the Café and Catering staff in seasonal and programmatic strategies to meet identified goals. 

Business Management

  • Establish and oversee systems for sustainable and cost-effective business operations for both the on-campus Café and the catering business.  Ensure that smart risks are being taken, basic business service is being protected and that financial targets are being met.
  • Establish price points and menu options for Café and Catering that are consistent with YU Eats’ commitment to be affordable, healthy and green.
  • Oversee financial operations of the Café and Catering, including bill payment, processing invoices, equipment and product purchases, balancing and reconciliation of Café fund, tax reporting and renewal of permits and licensing.  Use QuickBooks.
  • Ensure that the Café kitchen is in accordance with city and federal guidelines and that all permits are up to date.
  • Train and support the Café and Catering staff to represent the Café in all aspects of sales and marketing.
  • Support the Café Manager in developing a staff schedule.  Process staff time sheets.

Youth Staff Development

  • Support Assistant General Manager and Kitchen Manager in Hiring and supervision all Café and Catering staff. 
  • Develop and implement systems for training, orientation, development and evaluation of Café and Catering staff.  Effectively manage and support the career advancement process to ensure professional skills expansion, job satisfaction, and leadership development by providing appropriate tools, training, and support and utilizing external resources.
  • Equip Café and Catering workers for external job placements.  Facilitate and support their transition to suitable and available external jobs.
  • Support the youth staff in learning to manage and grow the YU Eats business.
  • Support organizational best practices regarding meaningful engagement for young people in professional development.

Collaboration and Partnerships

  • Collaborate with YU’s Career and Education Department for job placement within and outside YU Eats.
  • Collaborate with YU’s Security Team to ensure safety of staff and customers.
  • Collaborate with the Strategic Partnerships and Investments Team and assist in grant planning and reporting to resource YU Eat.  Contribute written submissions to reports and publications.
  • Partner with businesses and community organizations to increase opportunities for the YU Eat Corner’s Café and Catering services.
  • Establish relationships to negotiate favorable terms with new and existing local food vendors and purveyors.  Stay abreast of food trends.

Other duties as needed and assigned.

Qualification and Competency Requirements

Positional Competencies – required for our YU Eat Café and Catering Social Enterprise Manager

  • ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE – At least three years of experience managing a restaurant or large food program and its fiscal operations.  Good understanding of fiscal, food, inventory and ordering processes and controls. 
  • CULINARY SKILLS – Strong culinary experience and the capacity to train others to cook delicious, healthy food from scratch.  Knowledge of green/sustainable/organic cooking and food sourcing is a plus. 
  • PEOPLE MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE – At least three years of experience effectively training, developing, managing and supervising a diverse team of leaders.  Effective motivator and coach/mentor.
  • PROGRAM MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE – Experience planning, managing and evaluating a programs and developing systems.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE – Demonstrated experience organizing and managing events, campaigns and/or productions. 
  • STRONG COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Exceptional oral and written communication skills including the demonstrated ability to research, assimilate and analyze information, compose documents, and present data in a clear and concise manner to appropriate personnel, including the ability to effectively present information to top management, program staff and/or Board of Directors. Experience writing development proposals and reports. 
  • RELATIONAL CAPACITY AND COALITION BUILDING EXPERIENCE – Experience working with a broad spectrum of partners, including govt. agencies and officials, community organizations and leaders.  Proven ability in developing, maintaining, and building relationships both internally and externally, and achieving results.
  • YOUTH LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT CAPACITY – Cultural competency in working with a diverse group of young people.  Proven ability to foster positive adult/youth relationships for mentoring and guidance.  Demonstrated commitment to social justice and youth movements.
  • TOOLS AND ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE – Facility with Microsoft Office suite programs and QuickBooks software. Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • AVAILABILITY for occasional evening and weekend work.

Managerial Competencies – required at YU for those who manage others

  • LEADERSHIP – Visionary • Articulates goals and objectives and their value • Acts as a positive catalyst for change • Models desired behaviors • Able to inspire and organize others • Builds on strengths and facilitates growth in areas of weakness • Seeks input, assesses risks and makes decisions • Problem-solving approach to challenges •
  • PATIENCE – Able to maintain composure and endure under difficult circumstances • Compassionate, especially regarding long-term challenges • Able to withhold judgment/conclusion and take time to inquire into the causes of a situation • Able to manage expectations and measure success over the long-haul •
  • INSIGHT/DISCERNMENT – Able to acutely observe and insightfully perceive a situation and/or character • Emotionally intelligent and able to reflect on feelings, motives and needs • Demonstrates good instincts regarding long-term impact and implications •
  • PROFESSIONALISM – Adheres to the highest ethical and organizational standards • Best-practice approach to work • Dependability, rooted in a reliable continuity of presence, principles and actions • Continuously seeks excellence in what we do and how we do it.
  • SENSE OF HUMOR – Able to be real • Able to see the lighter side of difficult situations • Ready to laugh •
  • MOTIVATIONAL POWER – Able to articulate goals, build excitement and motivate others to do their best • Able to move people beyond their comfort zone and inspire them to take strategic risks • Elicits other people’s realization of their maximum potential • Motivates people to be phenomenal team members • Instills a sense of ownership and investment in the larger vision • Delegates and builds the leadership of others • Inspires others to go ‘over and above’ and feel good about it •

Core Competencies – required of all staff for successful performance at YU.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – Strong work ethic • Results oriented • High energy • High integrity • Reliability • Committed to Excellence • Takes initiative and gets things done • Demonstrated success in an entrepreneurial setting, with the ability to think strategically while executing tactically within a resource-constrained environment.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS – Detail oriented • Tracks results • Demonstrates good work habits • Effectively uses their and other people’s time • Comes to tasks/meetings well prepared • Has basic computer skills • Develops efficient systems, processes and tools.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Adapts to new information or circumstances • Willing to wear many ‘hats’ to get the job done • Creative in troubleshooting and finding solutions • Able to flourish in a fluid environment •
  • POSTITIVE ATTITUDE – Able to maintain composure, hope and a sense of humor amid challenges • Able to remain positive and see solutions among difficult issues • Stamina • Able to manage and diffuse stress •
  • SOCIAL SKILLS – Able to work with a variety of people • Able to communicate with respect and clarity • Open to different viewpoints • Able to disagree without animosity • Self-aware • Compassionate • Collaborative • Able to give and receive candid feedback • A role model •
  • CRITICAL THINKING – Thinks interdependently, framing the goals of one department/project within the entire vision • Sees current issues and challenges within a broad framework • Makes decisions that have the greatest long and short term positive impact • Thinks ‘outside the box’ – beyond given paradigms • Able to access resources (money, people) to advance solutions • Able to reflect on and improve both content and delivery • Open to developing awareness of the structural factors (socioeconomic context) impacting our communities •

Start Date: Immediate Opportunity.  Applications accepted until position is filled. 

Compensation: Competitive, commensurate with experience. Full benefits package.

How to Apply: Email resume and cover letter with recent salaries to  Include “YEM – [Your Name]” in the subject line.

Youth Uprising is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Youth Uprising strives to reflect the diverse community it serves. Applicants who contribute to this diversity are strongly encouraged to apply.

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