Vermont: Fat Toad Farm seeks Intern Apprentice

22 Jun

Fat Toad Farm is a small family-run goat dairy located in the hills of Central Vermont. It is run by family members Steve Reid, Judith Irving, Calley Hastings and Hannah Reid. Our goal is to work closely with the land and our animals in order to produce healthy local food for our customers. Our family has spent the last several years building a high quality Alpine and Saanen goat herd. We are a certified goat dairy producing fresh goat cheese- chevre- and goat’s milk caramel-cajeta. We also grow about 80% of our food and raise chickens and pigs for home consumption and for neighbors. We lease around 20 acres of land around us for pasturing our goats. We use a rotational grazing system so pasture management is labor intensive. We work a lot with surrounding farms on various projects. See our local agricultural community website:

Fat Toad Farm is looking for an intern to work 6 days a week. The interns responsibilities will include labeling, packaging, working in the production room to make cheese and caramel, am and pm farm chores such as, fencing, moving animals to and from pasture, feeding and watering the animals, garden harvest and putting the garden to bed. If skilled, the intern will help with on-farm construction and renovation projects. Interns will go through a milk training but will not become milkers. Intern will also with demos during the holiday season as well as shipping and handling or product from the farm. For a 6 month internship interns will have 2 days to take for workshops and professional development opportunities as well as $100 towards it.

All board is provided. Each person is in charge of making one dinner a week otherwise everyone is on their own for breakfast and lunch. There is always an abundance of delicious, high quality, farm food available. What we don’t have fresh we have frozen, canned or in the root cellar.

You will learn how to:
— take care of a small goat herd (75): goat health, milking, structure and shelter, feed etc…
— make fresh goat cheese and goat’s milk caramel
— learn the ins and outs of a large homestead garden including fruits
— work on farm construction and renovation projects
— learn how to demo product in stores and at events
— learn about a direct mail order business
— possible learning opportunities in neighborhood: sugaring, raw milk production, wreath making, greenhouse production,etc…
— learn the ins and outs of a small family run business

We are looking for an intern who is:
– hard working and responsible
– committed and dedicated to high quality and efficient work
– ability to work well with others
– self-directed and highly motivated
– eager and excited to learn a variety of production room and on farm skills
– ability to live well with many people- ability to do physical work
– experience with construction or carpentry a plus
– interest in sustainable food production
– abiity to be very flexible (farms require a lot of this:)
– an understanding and realistic expectation of farm work and what it requires

Please see intern application on our website

We are currently reviewing applications for August 1st. If you are interested please send your application in immediately. Most importantly give us a call. Ask for Judith at 802-279-0098.


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